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Running head: CASE STUDY PORTIONPACCase study PortionPacName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor note
1CASE STUDY PORTIONPAC1.Problem summary:PortionPac Companyengages in production and packaging portioncontrol products food operators and manufacturers like condiments, jam and jellies,toppings, dressings and sauces offering packaging to other private label brands. Thiscompany is a large-sized organization in specialities and canned fruits producer havingcurrently 1700 employees generating annual revenue of $167.1 million. The currentsituation is that present chairman, Marvin Klein are planning for people-friendly andplanet-friendly company for the future.2.In 1964, Syd Weisberg and Marvin Klein came with the concept of internationalenvironment movement. They came with concept that cleaning solutions should not betoxic as well as caustic and packaging and water were going waste when premixedcleaning liquids were poured into spray bottles that were disposed away. From this, theycame to the conclusion that business should be ethical while dealing with suppliers,employees and customers.3.Q1: As PortionPac is private company, they do not have to answer to stakeholders andare free to determine their own values. Therefore, it is not important for the company tovalue socioeconomic model of social responsibility while making profits, however,PortionPac worked towards it. They caught up to the vision of long-term profits takingethics into consideration. The company followed the triple bottom line principledifferentiating the company with longevity of social responsibility of serving customerswith more green products1.1Knudsen, Jette Steen. "The growth of private regulation of labor standards in global supply chains: Missionimpossible for Western small-and medium-sized firms?."Journal of business ethics117, no. 2 (2013): 387-398.
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