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WORK PROPOSALMBA (IT) Fall 2017Module Name:Module Code:Assessment 2:Individual AssignmentWork ProposalStudent Name:Student ID:Module Instructor: Dr.
1WORK PROPOSALProposal TitleIT/IS interventions in an organization: A casestudy of Raysut cement companyAbout the CompanyThe company Raysut cement company was established in the year of 1984 and it is one ofthe biggest cement companies of Oman. On 15thMarch the company was established but itstarted to produce its commercial products from the year of 1984 on 1stJuly. The company haspromised in providing the best product for its customers and along with that it has also lookedinto the matter of serving its customers to the best level. Due to the presence of a good maritimefleet the company is planning for expanding its business to different parts of the world. Thesecond part of the assignment consist of the discussion about the various strategies that has beenadopted in the IT transformation by Intel. In this section of the assignment the strategies adoptedby Intel has been critically analyzed after going through the case study.Expected Deliverables of the assignmentThe assignment consists of the discussion about identifying the problems that are beingfaced by the company. The problems that are being faced by the company has been identified andalong with this the solutions for tackling all these problems are also provided. The new IT and ISinterventions needed by the company has also been given in this assignment. In the second partof the assignment the It strategies that has been adopted by Intel has been identified and has beencritically analyzed. This strategy mainly involves the“managing of the IT budgets”, “managing
2WORK PROPOSALof the IT assets and the value chain”, “managing It for the business” and “managing IT like abusiness”.Approach towards solutionLiterature:This part of the assignment consists of the discussion about the various problemsassociated with the company (Benhelal et al. 2013). All the problems have been discussed in thisportion along with this the part also discusses why there is a need of the new IT/IS interventions(Uson et al. 2013). After the identification of the problems the solutions are also provided in thisportion of the assignment. In the second part all the strategies have been critically analyzed alongwith understanding the needs of Intel. Besides this the New IT transformations that has beenadopted by Intel has been critically analyzed and the benefits of the Intel has also been discussedalong with this.Software and hardware:Software:the software that are required for the project for the purpose of tackling all theproblems that the company is facing like software for management of labor, accounts and manymore (Benson 2015).HardwareFor the purpose of doing heavy works.For the purpose of controlling the harmful emissions form the company.For the purpose of handling the machineries involved in the use of the waste products.Tools and techniques:
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