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A case study on Tesco | Assignment

Added on -2021-02-22

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Completing a BusinessResearch Project
Table of Contents
Title: “To determine the positive economic, cultural and ethical impact of globalisation ondifferent business function in organization. A study on Tesco.”INTRODUCTIONOverview of the researchGlobalisation is a concept of process by which administration create or start operating ata global scale. It describing increasing interdependence of the world's economic, cultures andpopulation, flows of investment, people and information as well. Along with this, it provide awider possibility to organisation for amend productivity by operating at worldwide. This conceptis related to the integrations of markets in the global economy that help in increasinginterconnections of national economic (Yin, 2017). It support in creating competitive image inover the world. It contribute in raising the market share and profitability as well. Currentresearch is based on Tesco, is a British multinational groceries and general merchandise retailerin UK. Company operate their business at global level in which they needs to effectivelyexamine effect of globalisation on the organizational function. As it assist in improving theworkforce, innovation and creativity within the organization that support them while operatingbusiness activities at international level. Through which organization improve their performanceand established competitive advantage as compare to its rivals. Rationale of the researchThe primary ground of selecting this topic is to find out the effect of globalisation onvarious function of company. By this investigator also improve their skills and knowledge aboutthe selected theme. This area of research provide clear path to researcher to effectively undertakethe research. The main focus of current study is to analyse the effect of globalisation on businessand its activities as well. As it is not so easy for business to globalise their business (Crane andet. al., 2019). Through which, researcher easily improve their knowledge which could improvescope for investigator professional development. Research aim“To determine the positive economic, cultural and ethical impact of globalisation ondifferent business function in organization. A study on Tesco.”Research objectivesTo determine the globalisation concept.1
To define the significance of globalisation for business function within the Tesco.To evaluate the positive economic, cultural and ethical impact of globalisation ondifferent business function. Research questionsWhat is the main globalisation concept?What are the significance of globalisation for organizational function within the Tesco?What is the positive economic, cultural and ethical impact of globalisation on differentbusiness function? LITERATURE REVIEWConcept of globalisationAccording to Bartelson, (2019), globalisation is a wider concept for organization to meetall the objectives set by organization while operating at world wide. Mainly, it is a term thatprovide platform by which company execute their functional act to attain success. Along withthis, globalisation is also increased the interconnection among different countries through whichfirm can easily transfer their good and services that help them in making positive relation. It mayhelp in minimize issues related with communication and many more. Due to increasing in theglobalisation concept, company may reduce the cost of good and services and also develop thetransport and communication that improve the quality products. This is the main reason thatnumber of customers are easily attracted and make brand image popular. Furthermore, increasedtrade is also become increasingly free that improve the company and industry performance atmarket place and also generate revenue within the organization. Significance of globalisation for business function within the TescoAccording to Yueh, (2018), globalisation is a process that is beneficial for enterprise andits function as well. By this, form can build their positive brand image and also may gainprofitableness. As, some significance of globalisation for business function within Tesco are asfollows:Increased creativity: While operating business at international level it increase thecreativity as also includes innovative ways by which company may easily offer newproducts that assist in attracting customers towards its services. 2
Technological advancement: While company globalise their business then they also adoptnew and advance technology which may support them in offering quality products. Itimpart in developing competitive image of Tesco. Invite talent: The advantage of globalisation is that it increase the chances of invitingskilled and talented workers towards the company who have sufficient knowledge aboutglobal activities and legislation as well. This will improve the positive image of thecompany and also accomplished their competitive image as well. Positive economic, cultural and ethical impact of globalisation on different business functionAccording to Su and et. al., (2016), Globalisation includes various factors like economic,cultural and ethical that effect on the organizational functions and its activities as well in positivemanner. This will increase the chances of devising performance of the organisation moreproductive and famous as well. In this context, there are some impact of all these aspects onbusiness functions are as follows:Financial stability: In terms of economical impact of globalisation it put positive impacton business by keeping financial stability that may help in easily expanding operationalactivities. Furthermore, it also outcome of accounting role of the business in positive wayby which they can improve their performance. Positive work environment: In regards of ethical impact of globalisation, it put positiveimpact by making work environment healthy for individual in which they can easilyperform their task activities and also amend their execution as well. Acquire innovative ideas: Globalisation increase the innovative ideas by whichorganization direct their business activities appropriately and also make entireperformance more competitive. RESEARCH METHODOLOGYIt refers to a crucial plan and procedure execute the entire research in well organizedmanner. In this research is liable for using effective method of collect applicable informationabout the specific research topic. the main aim of research is to make an effective work place inwhich all the activities can be done effectively and also may attain positive results (Lawrenceand Weber, 2014). Along with this, research is also consider as an academic activity that used ina technical sense. It comprises defining and redefining problem, effectively formulating the3

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