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PUBH6005 : Epidemiology PDF

Added on - 30 Oct 2021

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CASP checklist for the included review study
CASP criteria for review
Study Name
Jull, Walker &
Deshpande, 2013
Maddocks &
Jenkins, 2013
Oskouei &
Najafi, 2013
Section A: Are the results of the review valid?
1. Did the review address a
clearly focussed question?YesYesYes
2. Did the author look at the
right type of paper?YesYesYes
3. Do you think all the
important, relevant studies
were included?
4. Did the review’s authors do
enough to assess quality of the
included studies?
5. If the results of the review
have been combined, was it
reasonable to do so?
Section B: What are the results?
6. What are the overall results
of the review?
Honey is effective in
treatment for wound.
Medical honey
needs further
Honey is
against injuries
7. How precise are the results?Results have 95% CINANA
Section C: Will the results help locally?
8. Can the results be applied to
the local population?YesYesYes
outcomes considered?YesYesYes
11. Are the benefits worth the
harms and costs?YesNoYes
CASP checklist for the included randomized control study:
CASP criteria for randomized
control study
Study Name
Boekema & Ulrich,
2013Noori et al., 2013
Section A: Are the results of the trial valid?
1. Did the trial address a clearly
focussed issue?YesYes
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