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Running head: CATHOLIC SOCIAL THOUGHT, SELF AND COMMUNITYCatholic Social Thought, Self and CommunityName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor Note
1CATHOLIC SOCIAL THOUGHT, SELF AND COMMUNITYFeature ArticleThe following feature article is about the topic of the Catholic Social Thought and its relationswith the self and community. Self and community are very important attributes to society andthey have a very important relation with the Catholicism (Adam, 2017). It is the duty of theChurch and the other Catholic institutions do common good for the people in the society. Theirpurpose is to spread the happiness among people and thus end it in common good of the society.The Catholic social teaching always offers a path by which the human beings can explorethemselves and flourish in a new dimension. The human beings always seek for a better anddeeper sense of happiness that excels the hedonistic sense of pleasure and the absence of painfrom the lives of the human beings. I think every man wants that he should stay happy all thetime during his life and for that reason he could try various options (BerrúDavis, 2015).Hisultimate goal is to achieve a proper sense of happiness that could be derived by exercising goodworks and doing well for the society.The term ‘Eudaimonia’ is an essential term in this regard to the common good of the self and thecommunity (Ryan, Huta & Deci, 2013).To do good for the self can be called a selfish act. Thisshould always be avoided and they should be focusing on doing overall good for the community.Eudaimonia focuses on living together with being worthwhile to the community and doing suchactivities that could help the people in the community. They should build some purposeful andmeaningful relationships in the community that can be helpful for the community to thrive. TheCatholic Social Thought looks to concentrate on the matters of social welfare and standing by thepeople who are in dire need of it (Thomas Massaro, 2015).A good life is wanted not only by the individual but also the entire community as well. Thehighest good for the community is to perform the best things that are in connection with the
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