CC4002 Information Systems Assignment

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CC4002 Information SystemsCoursework 1: Programming inPythonDeadline: 16 January 2017 - submission on WebLearnSummaryThis is an individual coursework worth 30% of the total module mark. It requires developingof a program in Python which simulates the behaviour of a digital circuit performing integeraddition and writing a report to describe the model, algorithm, data structures, program andtesting performed).TasksMark1.Construct a model of a byte adder based on the bit addermax 10%2.Specify an algorithm for integer addition based on binary operation max 10%3.Select suitable data structures to represent the informationmax 10%4.Create a program in Python 3 which implement the model of the adder max 40%5.Describe the programmax 10%6.Test the program with some sample data to demonstrate its behavior max 10%7.Write a report to present the workmax 10%Requirements1.ModelThe model must be based on the bit adder from the lecture in Week 3The model may include number of bit adders linked to form a byte adder.
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