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CC6004 Network and Cloud Security - Assignment

Added on - 30 Nov 2020

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CC6004 Network and Cloud Security - COURSEWORK #1 (INDIVIDUAL)Coursework weighting: 30% of overall moduleTaskThis cis to write a well-researched and referenced business report of between2,500-3,000 words(excludingreferences and appendixes) covering the potential use of, and security and Legal Social Ethical Professionalissues (GDPR) associated with,cloud computing servicesin an agreed (with the module leader) businesssector of your choice (i.e., education sector, finance industry, transport sector, government, travel sector,entertainment sector, hospitality sector, healthcare sector, etc....).IntroductionDescribe a company operating within the business sector of your choice –e.g., what it does, type and size ofuser base, what kind of data it generates, what business IT applications it requires, what its current networkinfrastructure likely consists of, how mobile its employees and users are, etc. It could be a real company that youare familiar with, or an archetypical one representative of the business sector that you are researching. If youdecide to go for the latter, you are responsible for carrying out documented research into the business sector inorder to ensure the company description you provide is suitably realistic.Research MethodologyIn this section, you need to discuss your approach to research. A research method is a systematic approach planfor conducting research. This can be qualitative and/or quantitative research methods, incl8ding experiments,survey research, participant observation, and secondary data.Current status of Cloud ComputingResearch the current usage of cloud computing in your selected business sector. Describe the typical level of acompany’s involvement in cloud computing. If most appear not to have tried cloud computing services, what arethe obstacles, perceived or otherwise, of them doing so? If they have already started using cloud computingservices, what appear to be the current limitations if any? Critically examine the adoption of cloud computing bysuch companies, and outline the corresponding technical, legal, organisational, ethical, and individual employee/user impact of such usage.Potential benefits of Cloud ComputingAnalyse the information system requirements of your chosen business sector carefully, and identify the benefits(in terms of cost saving, profit making, agility, efficiency, etc.) that could potentially be obtained from more, orbetter, usage of cloud computing technologies. Detail which areas of the sector’s business you believe couldbenefit the most from such technologies and justify through appropriate references these likely benefits.Potential security issues associated with Cloud ComputingAnalyse the specific security concerns associated with the business sector of your choice, and identify thepotential security issues that will need to be addressed for its successful use of cloud computing technologies.Detail which aspects of the sector’s business you believe would be most at risk from such cloud securityconcerns.Proposals for the secure implementation of Cloud Computing (Discussion of Findings)Provide proposals that will best help your selected company to achieve the potential benefits of cloud computingtechnologies. Explain the possibilities offered by your proposals, and the best way to mitigate against anysecurity risks involved in implementing them. In addition, outline any technical issues associated with yourproposals – i.e., system integrity, reliability, usability, and scalability, as well as any social and/or ethicalconsiderations that may need to be made. Provide researched justifications (rationale) for the technical choicesyou recommend. Explain how best to measure the performance and impact of the application of such newtechnologies. Describe in detail the critical success factors for your overall plan to work in practice. Producereport conclusions that summarises the main results, assess the key findings, and draw conclusions from yourstudy that suggest potential future developments in the use of cloud computing in your chosen business sector.Page1of2
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