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CC6052 Management Support Systems Assignment

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Management Support Systems (CC6052)


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CC6052 MANAGEMENT SUPPORT SYSTEMS 2016-17Module Case Study: FM LtdThe companyIn 2004, Robin Daily and Martin Warner set up a furniture company, FurnitureMart Ltd. (FM Ltd). This company offers customers a range of furniture via acatalogue, which can be ordered by telephone, online or by visiting one oftheir stores. Sales staff deal with customers, who may be corporate clients orprivate individuals. A list of regular customers is set up on a database, andyou may assume that all customers have agreed that their personal data maybe used in this way. However, there are many casual customers, and Robinand Martin would like to convert these casual customers into regularcustomers by means of targeted offers. A couple of years ago, the company had a new product database created(FOTS: Furniture Ordering Transaction System) which enables orders to betaken from clients. There is also a supplier database, indicating the liaisonrepresentatives within FM Ltd and the types of products supplied (POTS:Product Ordering Transaction System) which enables purchase orders to bemade with suppliers to replenish products which are low in stock. Supplierliaison staff generate purchase orders when product stock falls below thepredefined reorder level; no details of these purchase orders are stored in thedatabase at present. Data has been extracted from the databases into CSVfiles for your use in the development of a management support system asdescribed below.Management are now investing in the development of a management supportsystem (FMIS: Furniture Mart Intelligence System) which will include bothclient and supplier details to evaluate the performance of the company andimprove decision-making at senior management level. In particular, adecision needs to be made on the location of new premises, possibly a store,or alternatively a warehouse.Robin and Martin recognise that extending the use of information technologyin support of management decision-making can make a significantcontribution to the goals of enlarging and developing the company, inparticular opening at an additional location to extend the business. The HRManager, Sarah Winder, is under increasing pressure to develop recruitment,retention and reward strategies to support the company’s staffingrequirements. Identifying staff training needs, or recognition of excellentperformance, will be key to her staffing policies.The FOTS and POTS systems are intended to enable staff to take ordersfrom customers and make purchase orders with suppliers. The managementsupport system FMIS now required is intended to offer decision supportfacilities to senior management at the Wood Green head office. In the futureit will allow sophisticated data mining and modelling of product, customer,supplier and staff data for performance measurement purposes as outlinedabove. CC6052FM Ltd Case Study1
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