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Cellphone-free classrooms PDF

Added on - 18 Nov 2021

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Cell phones in class are one of the most discussed topics among school teachers, parents
and school officials. Often monitoring and controlling cell phones become hard for the teachers.
Also, in today’s world when every family members are working, cell phones become an essential
tool for parents to contact their children. This essay argues on the ban of cell phones in
classrooms as to reconsider the logic behind France’s country-wide prohibition of cell phones.
The essay primarily focuses on the post-secondary students.
No, it is a tool for independent study: Along with pen, pencil, notebook the presence of
mobile phones in the classroom has become increasingly common. Mobile phones are a highly
potent tool that can act as a lethal weapon in class. Mobile phones with access to the internet can
work like powerful computers. It is disappointing if a school that fails to provide modern IT
facilities ignore the capabilities of the small device.Schools that are run with low funds may find
this as an opportunity to bring the technology in class and make use of it.
With the help of the internet, these phones can be used in the classroom as a source of
independent study. It is even a device that student can trust and not leave hard works in the
school.It is common is school to be competitive and not wanting to share notes or study
materials. Often students try to present the best of their results with intense researches and
leaving the school laptop in school gives scope for other students to copy or cheat. Mobile
phones in that case are a suitable device that students can trust and keep with themselves.
Provided the technology available in the mobile phones, the GPS has been found a useful
tool for the geography students.Students would find it interesting when they can have closer
view of things they learn in schools. It is precisely the concept high infrastructure schools are
bringing in order to make studies more interesting and fun.
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