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Paper: Music's Role in Enhancing the Life

Added on -2019-09-23

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Ch 1: Introduction1.1 Background of the paper Music has some important role in enhancing the life of a person because it is highly significantrelaxation medium for music follower as well as listener. Now a day, the music technology isvery improved and the music listener uses this improved technology such as local playback,multicast stream, reverse and other facilities. The listeners are satisfied by these factors and playsmusic based on their mood as well as behaviour. Audio feeling recognition provides list of musicthat is supported to various mood and emotions of music lover. Various categories of emotionsand audio signal that is received, is classified by audio felling recognition. To explore somefeatures of audio, AN signal is used and MR is used to extract various important data from theAN signal of audio. The listener is trying to set their play list according to their mood. However,it consumes more time. Various music players provide different kinds of features such as properlyrics with singer name and all. In this system, the arrangement of playlist is reacted based onlistener’s emotions to save the time for storing playlist in manual manner.The best way to express emotion and mood of person is the facial expression and physicalgesture of human. This system is used extract facial expression and based on this expression thesystem automatic generate playlist that is completely matched with mood and behaviour oflisteners. This system consumes less time, reduces the cost hardware and removes the overheadsof memory. The face expression is classified into five different parts like joy, surprise,excitement, anger and sadness of human. To extract important, related data from any audiosignal, high accurate audio extraction technology is used with lesser time. A model of emotion isexpressed to classify the song into seven types such as unhappy, anger, excitement with joy, sad-anger, joy, surprise. The emotion-audio module is combination of feeling extraction module andmodule of audio feature extraction. This mechanism provides a more huge potentiality and goodreal time performance rather than recent methodology. Various kinds of approaches are used toprocess the edge detection of an image such as mouse, speech reorganization using AI andothers. In this case, three algorithms are used these are used like edge detection, face detectionand SVM. In the edge detection algorithm helps to reduce computation of processing any largeimage. Face detection algorithm provides high accuracy to detect object as well as image. This1
algorithm is very fast in nature. This system can extract emotion and mood of human and theystarted communication with human being. This system is used to sense facial expression ofhuman and based on this facial expression it arrange the playlist for human. Human do not needto select their playlist based on their mood or emotion. Computer is able to communicate withhuman being like talking, reacting and extracting human emotion, automatically guess thefeelings of human being. The emotion detection develops new technology in recent years toprocess various image, interaction between human and machine and machine learning. Now aday, emotion detection plays a vital role in neuroscience, computer science, medical and othervarious purposes. In order to make rational decision, interaction with social media, emotiondetection is very important. This system can understand what listener wants to listen according totheir current state of mind.1.2 Aim of the research The aim of the research is to understand the functioning of the three algorithms used in order todevelop the Emotion detection Media player.1.3 Objectives of the research The objectives of the research are listed below:To play the song automatically based on the human emotions and feelings.To discuss about three algorithms for detecting the emotion of humansTo communicate with the people and extract the gesture and mind state of peopleTo discuss the impact of three algorithms on emotion detection media playerTo develop proper algorithm for recognizing human emotionTo develop the appropriate system as per the human emotion this is used to identifyhuman gesture using some technology.1.4 Research questionsHow to play the song automatically as per the listener’s mood?What is main purpose of the three algorithms to detect emotion of human?How to extract the people emotion and gesture of human using media player?What is the impacts of thee algorithms on emotion detection media player?How to develop appropriate algorithm for detecting emotion?2

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