Challenges and Implementation.

Added on - Sep 2019

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Challenges and ImplementationSite details and ChallengesReduce Broadcast domain using VLAN and Implementation of redundancy in LAN.Currently the network is designed in one broadcast domain, so there is issue with the networkspeed and high latency in the network.Currently the network design has no redundancy due to this, therefore, if one device or one linkgoes down, then all end user is not able to access network.Site Solution and Technologies1)To reduce broadcast domain, we need to implement VLAN in LAN. Currently there is oneVLAN which means one broadcast domain. So, I am going to create 3 VLAN for thisscenario. One broadcast domain is going to break down in 3 broadcast domains, Thereforethe network will be able to perform more efficient. VLAN details as mention below.2)Currently, there is no redundancy in network in terms of devices and links. There is oneLayer-3 switch as the backbone of the network and there is one link use for connectivitybetween Layer-3 switch and Layer-2 switches. I am going to implement the redundant Layer-3 switch and ring network architecture. I need to configure the Spanning tree for theredundancy of Links and HSRP for redundancy of Devices.PrimaryL-3SwitchSecondaryL-3SwitchCommercial192.168.1.0/24VLAN-1HR192.168.2.0/24VLAN-2Engineering192.168.3.0/24VLAN-3VLAN No.VLAN AssigntoIP address subnet1Commercial192.168.1.0/242HR192.168.2.0/243Engineering192.168.3.0/24
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