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Added on - 31 May 2021

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Running Head: QUANTITATIVE ANALYSISQuantitative AnalysisName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor Note
QUANTITATIVE ANALYSIS1IntroductionFootwear is generally assumed not to have any user interfaces, especially audiointerfaces. This research paper is thus based on the change in the behaviors of the users with thechange in the audio interface in footwear. The dataset for this research is collected from afootwear study and contains information on 22 participants. The main aim of the study is toevaluate the extent to which the changes occur in the behavior of the users with the change in theaudio interfaces in footwear.Data IssuesRandom selection of 22 participants were made to participate in the survey and theresponses provided by them have been represented in columns. There were a few missing data inthe rows indicating incomplete submission of the questionnaires of some participants. Incorrectentries of data in rows and columns have also been observed.Cleaning of DataThere were 6 participants of the survey who have submitted incomplete questionnairesout of the 22 participants. Since the dataset is not large, removing the missing values from thedata will be affecting the results of the analysis. Thus, the missing values are replaced by theaverage of the values of that attribute.Descriptive StatisticsThe results of the descriptive statistics will be able to shed light on the data attributes andgain any idea about the data without actually running any analysis. The following table shows
QUANTITATIVE ANALYSIS2the descriptive measures of five attributes such as age, shoe size, weight, height and bodyvisualization.MeanMedianModeStandardDeviationConfidenceIntervalAge24.3636422.5204.85548736719.03351048Shoe Size6.0227275.7551.8288512717.16909698Weight59.25575210.5466650141.34292684Height164.81821651656.90504552327.06777845Body Visualization1.7392881.71722#N/A0.0942140630.369319128Confidence IntervalsThe 95 percent confidence interval to compare the galvanic skin response for threedifferent sound frequencies of control, low and high are calculated and the upper and the lowerconfidence limit are given in the table that follows.Sound FrequencyGalvanic Skin ResponseLower ConfidenceLimitUpper ConfidenceLimitHigh0.05690.28697Low-0.35070.5184Control-0.291990.2695HighLowControl-0.0500. Confidence Interval of Galvanic Skin Response towards Different SoundFrequenciesFrequency of SoundGalvanicSkinResponse(Z-Score)
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