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Assignment on Change Request and Change Control

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Added on  2019-09-20

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Change Management ProceduresIntroduction3Change Request Form4Raising a Change Request4Change Control Form6Appendix 1: Change Request Form8Appendix 2: Change Control Form9Acknowledgement101ICTSAS411 V1, Assignment 1
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IntroductionChange Request and Change ControlThese are used to request minor to medium system modifications. Anything that will result in the system being modified, for example request system patch, modifies scripts, install additional software. Change Requests are managed internally and when completed are filed for audit and documentation purposes.2ICTSAS411 V1, Assignment 1
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Change Request FormRaising a Change RequestA Change Request can be raised by anyone who uses, is affected by, maintains or administers an IT system. This includes day to day users who want to initiate a modification, administrators who want to correct or extendfunctionality and systems owners who want to upgrade or modify applications.The request must be supported by either the Systems Owner (delegate) or, inspecial cases, a Manager in IT Services or IT Director. The systems owner is the usual authority for approving change but in exceptional circumstancesthe Manager IT Services or IT Director can approve changes to a system. These instances might occur when there is immediate threat to a system (or other systems) and the Systems Owner cannot be readily contacted.Change Request forms do not replace Helpdesk requests, regular maintenance or project work but are intended to track and control moderate production system changes.Change Request descriptionThe person raising the Change Request should fully describe the work beingrequested to the best of their ability. In most cases this will be expressed as business requirements and should include the overall objective and the benefits that the modification will bring.If the person raising the request knows, or can describe technical aspects of the change then these should also be included. EgA user request to upgrade the web servers might simply state web serverperformance is too slow and is causing processing errors when attempting to do data entry in “X” screen doing “Y” work.A Systems Administrator might raise a Change Request and refer to specific patch identifiers or software versions and detail how the work is to be performed.3ICTSAS411 V1, Assignment 1
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