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Running head: Change managementChange management
Change managementThe main purpose behind this task is to explain the significance of managers in the 21stcentury. It depicts that what types of skills and behavior are required by managers in the businessto manage the organizational changes. Managers play a significant role to attain long-term goalsand objectives of the firm. Along with this, it describes the behavior of the managers that shouldbe humble and polite to maintain harmonization in the business. Organizational change isessential to improve and enhance innovation in the organization. Furthermore, attributes andcharacteristics of managers have been explained in the paper. The managers help to motivate andencourage employees to improve their skills and knowledge in an organization.In 21st century managers must be skilled in the art of introducing and managing change.In today's era, to achieve great heights is significant and primary factor in theorganization. However, it is the biggest challenges for human resource to attain desired goals andobjectives. They have to think beyond the material pursuits to fulfill existentialism. TheCompanies have developed a very systematic way to accomplish long term mission and vision.With the growing digital environment company is seeking the growth in business through themaximum involvement of technology (Easterby-Smith, Thorpe and Jackson, 2012). To securethe place in the market, managers must be skilled and understand technology. This will help thecompany in growing more effectively and efficiently. In 21st century, managers must have awide knowledge about how technology can help the company in varied forms. The change in thecompany can be brought with experienced and creative minds. Matching with the minds ofexperience can bring the creativity of new generation to next level (Griffin and Care, 2014). Themanagers must possess following skills and behavior in order to manage and introduce changes:1. Up to date knowledge on the topic relating to the betterment of businessIt is necessary for the managers to be aware about the current affairs that can help thecompany in its business. They must know about the already existing information and also shouldbe aware about the new policies that take place in the market. This will help them to do businessand work as per the needs and requirements of market (Jones and Sallis, 2013). It will help toopen the minds of the managers and will become easy for them to bring change in a rightmanner. This will not only help the business to flourish and expansion but will also help todevelop confidence in the managers. Hence, they will give their best efforts to gain competitive2
Change managementadvantages and this will also help to generate more outputs and results in an organization. If themanagers keep lot of important information about the business it will raise more ideas andthoughts in the minds of workers. In addition, it will also help to reduce the errors and mistakesin business. Therefore, up to date knowledge is the most significant skill to manage and identifyorganizational changes (Anderson and Anderson, 2010).2. Different ways and methods for using technologyIn today’s digital world, none of the company can survive its business without innovativetechnology and development. In order to target more and more profitability, the companies areadopting the methods of technology in their work. It is the most time-saving process and it is theeasiest way to keep the records of the business and work (Peppard and Ward, 2016). A managermust know the use of technology in many ways. He must possess the ideas and skills to use andutilize new technology in the organization. Furthermore, he should be smart enough to makeoptimum utilization of resources and technology. Managers must know how to be attainedgrowth and success of the company. They must use the networking services in order to conveytheir message from one client to another. They must know the process of doing and developingsoftware that can help them having a direct communication with the clients within given timeperiod (Chen, 2015).3. Drawing out the work with accurate information through modelsThe managers should be creative in terms to gain long-term advantages in thecompetitive market. The managers should keep necessary information to expand the business ofthe firm. In today’s era, they can use several management models in order to convey theirmessage. This makes it easy to understand the topic. The models must contain accurateinformation which can make sense to the business. It will also help to save time and effortswithin the organization. Managers must know the creative areas of working which can help tomaximize the profitability of the company (Van Der Aalst, 2013).4.Working with collaboration and cooperationWorking with collaboration is a strategy of growing the business on a large scale. In 21stcentury, managers should be quite capable enough in order to tie up with the companies and to3
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