Changing Workplace Skills Research Paper 2022

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In the present generation it is common trend to have contingent workers and in fact it is
expected that the percentage of the remote workers and non-permanent workers in organizations
will increase to 40%. There are continuous technological changes taking place that is bringing
different changes to the nature of work in the organization. It is also having tremendous effect on
the employees and the management. Employees in order to adapt to the changing requirements
need to acquire certain skills such that they did not become obsolete in the future especially with
robots around. Management education is also becoming important in this respect in order to
adapt to these changes. The main aim of the paper is to discuss about the different changes taking
place in the workplace, implications of these changes on the workers and the management of the
organization and provide suggestions for this purpose.
Changing nature of work and prediction about any other changes in the workplace
Some of the major changes taking place in the workplace nature is the requirement for
changing technology, outsourcing, changes in the attitude and values of the workers, diversity
and demographics, and globalization because these has an impact on the workers and
management (Young et al. 2015). Due to the continuous changes in the technology there are
many impacts on the work life balance due to blurring of the lines that is there. The main
question in front of the managers today is to get the maximum productivity without making the
employees work for more than they are expected to work and keeping them engaged in the
organization at the same time. Outsourcing is another major change taking place in the
organization since this requires the companies to describe which of its activities are important

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