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CHAPTER 2HYDROGENERATOR BASIC DESIGN CALCULATIONAs a basic case for the consideration of the hydrogenerator losses reductionand improving its efficiency, hydrogenerators are designed in accordance with therecommendations of the textbook “Design of Hydrogenerators and SynchronousCompensators” by A. V. Ivanov-Smolensky, A. I. Abramov and‘‘Electric MachinesDesign ’’ by I. P. Kopilov, B. K. Klakov, V. P. Marozin.In this thesis, will be calculate Yeywa data hydrogenerator design andtheoretical hydrogenerator design.The rated capacity 230 MVA.The cost will not be considered in these design calculations.2.1.Basic DimensionsActive PowercosrSP(2.1)Hijacking Speednknуу(2.2)where,уk— multiplication factor of hijacking speed80.1.....70.1уkfor Pelton turbine2.2.....60.1уkfor Francis turbine1.2уkfor Diagonal Kaplan turbine5.2.....1.2уkfor Axial Kaplan turbineRated Phase Voltage (Star connection)3LPVV(2.3)Rated Phase CurrentPrPVSI3(2.4)No. of Pole Pairnfp60(2.5)
8Leakage inductive reactance of stator winding (as a preliminary)125.0xe.m.f at rated loadPErlVkE(2.6)where,)sin2(1xxkE= coefficientRated CapacityrEрSkS(2.7)And then pole pitch)(, linear load)(Aand magnetic flux density)(Bare previously selected by the value ofpSr2.Machine ConstantABkkCwBA12(2.8)Moment of inertia of the rotor2rJрSTJ(2.9)where,n2= angular velocity of rotation465.2rJSTMinimum inner diameter of the stator coreArEJpСSkJD035.0min(2.10)where,221.095.02kpJ= coefficient, depending on the rotorconstruction and number of field period75.122amphhhkMaximum inner diameter of the stator coreуnvDmaxmax(2.11)where,120maxvm/secat5Dm and12p.145maxvm/secat5Dm and12pand alloy steel segmentrim.170maxvm/secat12.....6p.Optimum inner diameter of the stator core
93204lErAkSfCD(2.12)where,6.20llThe inner diameter of the stator core)(Dmust bemaxminDDD. IfmaxDDo, takemaxDD. In contrast, ifminDDo, takeminDD. ButtakeoDD, ifmaxminDDDo.Pole pitch at the selected inner diameter of the stator corepD2(2.13)Hijacking circumferential velocity at the outer surface of the rotor must notexceed the allowable values.maxvDnvуу(2.14)Length of the stator yoke21DkSClErA(2.15)The relative length of the stator magnetic circuit1ll(2.16)lmust be within the allowance value 1.5 to Type and Number of Stator SlotsFor machines with phase current1000.....900sIA, especially at voltages6000LVV should be applied double-layer bar type winding, having very reliablecoil insulation. Double-layer coil type lap windings are used in smaller phase currents.If the number of slots per pole per phase q = 3 and a winding is usually performedwith integer number of slots per pole per phase; If a smaller q - with a fractionalnumber of slots per pole and phase.Double-layer bar type wave winding (usually a fractional number of slots perpole per phase) is mainly used in high-power multi-pole hydrogenerators (at15p,200nrpm), where they are more favorable to the lap windings by reducing thenumber and length of connections. Lap winding with fractional or integer of slots perpole per phase is applied in hydrogenerators (at15pand200nrpm) andcompensators.
10Number of consecutive turns of phase (as a preliminary)BlfkkVkwwBPE1114(2.17)Effective conductors in the slot21sufor double-layer bar winding;21su(even no:) for coil type lap winding;The number of parallel branchesIt must satisfy the inequality;max1min1min1maxпPппPпIIuaaIIua(2.18)Stator slot current111auIIsP(2.19)The number of slots per pole per phasepuwaqп1111(2.20)If41qor1qis%7...5different from the nearest integer number ofb, takebq1. If41q, it must be selected fraction, i.e.dcbq1.The number of stator slots112pmqZ(2.21)The number of slots per segmentkcZZcc1(2.22)where,cc— the number of stator segments.k— integer number of segments laying in one layer of magnetic core.The number of stator segments is dependent on the inner diameter of stator.mD,-----------3D5.63D5.6Dcc-----------12, 4, 64, 6, 8The outer diameter of the stator core (as a preliminary)DDa(2.23)Large segment of the chord1ZZDHcac(2.24)The number of turns per phase1111apuqws(2.25)
11Pole pitchpZ21(2.26)Coil pitch83.0y(2.27)Stator winding coefficient111pywkkk(2.28)where,2sin1ykydcbddcbdkp6sin6sin1Magnetic flux density in air-gap at rated load (as the second approximation)1114wlfkkVkBwBPE(2.29)Linear LoadDIwAP16(2.30)2.3.Stator Slot DimensionsTooth pitch11ZDtz(2.31)Tooth width at the narrowest point11'32.1'zzzBBtb(2.32)Slot width'1zzsbtb(2.33)The recommendations for slot width are as follows:kVVL,-----------3.156.310.513.815.7cmbs,min.-----------,max.----------- density in the stator winding (as a preliminary)AA11(2.34)
12Cross-sectional area of the stator winding conductor for indirect cooling system (as apreliminary)111aIsP(2.35)Height of conductor bareaFor reducing the additional losses due to skin effect effective conductor shouldbe broken down into insulated conductors with height5.2eamm (at 50 Hz).Total width of the insulated conductors on the slot widthbbbinsus20(2.36)where,insu2= the total thickness of the insulation on the slot widthexcluding insulation of elementary conductors.Width of the elementary conductor barinsиeinsuinsuenbbb0(2.37)where,insи— insulation thickness of wire for two sidesen— the number of conductors on the slot widthSlot width (finally)bbbinsиinsиes222(2.38)The number of conductors in bareessc1(2.39)Cross-sectional area of the effective conductor of stator windingeescs1(2.40)Current density in the stator winding111saIP(2.41)Height of the elementary conductor bar with insulationinsиewaa(2.42)Width of the elementary conductor with insulationinsиewbb(2.43)Total height of insulated elementary conductors of one bar120ewcah(2.44)Slot height or tooth height of stator402hhhhhwedgehzs(2.45)where,swedgebh4.0— wedge height
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