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Chapter 3: Research MethodologyIn the research methodology, part the researchers tries to inform about the research philosophy,research approach, research strategy, Data Collection method, data analysing method etc. Inmethodology, the researcher also tries to justify the chosen method.3.1 Research PhilosophyEpistemologyIn the epistemology research philosophy the researcher deals with a source of knowledge tounderstand the research problem. In the epidemiology research philosophy, the researchersinclude nature of the knowledge, scale of the knowledge and potentiality of the knowledge.InterpretivismIn the interpretivism research philosophy, the researcher use human interest that relate with theresearch problem. The researcher thoroughly interpret the research components. Different socialaspects are used in this type of research philosophy(Colwell, 2006).PositivismPositivism research philosophy use different quantitative methods to collect data and analyse thedata. The researcher use survey, questionnaire, interviews in positivism research philosophy. Themain feature of positivism research philosophy is that the researcher tries to understand theresearch problem through different social perspective. The researcher use surveillance to conductthe research positivism research philosophy is widely used (Chilisa, 2012).For this particular research project, the researcher used positivism research philosophy. The topicof the research is to find out the impact of different leadership styles on organisationalperformance. This type of research needs quantitative data to get accurate result of the researchproblem. Positivism research philosophy allowed the researcher to collect data and analyse thedata unbiasedly. Besides the outcome of the research would be measurable if positivism research1
philosophy is used. Along with positivism research philosophy the researcher also usedquantitative data analysis and deductive research approach.3.2 Research approachAmong different type of research approach, the researchers used deductive research approach forthis particular research project.Figure: Research approachSource: Nair, 2005Inductive Research ApproachIn the inductive research approach the researcher deal with real life experience that relate withthe research topic. Inductive research approach is connected with interpretivism researchphilosophy. In the inductive research approach, the researcher try to develop new theory basedon the collected data rather than providing solution of the research problem based on old theories(Silberberg, 2001).Deductive research Approach2
In the deductive research approach the researcher primarily develop a hypothesis related with theresearch problem and then set research strategy to justify the hypothesis(Kothari and Garg,2016).In deductive research approach, the researcher needs to collect quantitative data and usestatistical tools to analyse the data. Deductive research approach is also called top downapproach.Justification of Research approachMany researches has been done based on the similar topic of this research. The researcher isgiven short time to conduct the research successful and this is one reason to choose deductiveresearch approach for this research project. The topic of the research requires numeric data to getaccurate result of the research problem. Besides outcome of the research problem should bemeasurable to the users. The researcher used positivism research philosophy and deductiveresearch approach is closely connected with positivism research philosophy. That is why theresearcher used deductive research approach for this research project.3.3 Research StrategyThere are two types of features strategy. They are qualitative research strategy and quantitativeresearch strategy.In the quantitative research strategy, the researcher use numeric data and analyse the data withdifferent statistical tools to get accurate result of the research problem. Quantitative research istrustworthy and specific. In quantitative research strategy, the researcher use differentmathematics terms to analyse the collected data that is not biased to any party related with theresearch(Welman, Kruger and Mitchell, 2005).In the qualitative research strategy, the researcher use different theories to explain the researchproblem and solution. Description and logical arguments are given in qualitative research3
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