Chapter 4: Data Analysis (Doc)

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Chapter 4: Data Analysis:4.1 Introduction:In this chapter, the researcher has analysed primary quantitative data along with secondaryquantitative and qualitative data to know the impact of recession o side hustle in Nigeria.From measured outcomes, the researcher has aimed to conclude whether recession hasaffected Nigerian economy in a positive way or not. To collect primary quantitative data, thispaper conducts survey on 100 Nigerians. In case of secondary quantitative and qualitativedata, the researcher considers literary evidences as well as previous researchers and statisticaldata from authentic sources. With the help of MS Excel and SPSS, this paper has arrangedboth primary and secondary quantitative data to conduct statistical analysis.4.2. Primary Quantitative Data Analysis:4.2.1: Descriptive Analysis:FrequenciesStatisticsBusiness TypeNValid100Missing0Mean1.96Range2Business TypeFrequencyPercentValid PercentCumulativePercentValid13535.035.035.023434.034.069.033131.031.0100.0Total100100.0100.0
In this quantitative research, the researcher considers three types of businesses, which are,micro businesses, small businesses and medium businesses. In micro businesses less than 10employees work while in small businesses 11 to 49 people work. On the other side, more than50 employees work in medium businesses. The chief reason for selecting those people is thatmost of the side hustle in Nigeria fall under these three categories of business. According toabove figure it is observed that most of the businesses are of micro type where less than 10people work. This implies that among 100 respondents, 35 people have micro business.Following this, 34 respondents have small businesses while remaining 31 people havemedium businesses.Frequency:FREQUENCIES VARIABLES=Business_Duration/STATISTICS=RANGE MEAN
/BARCHART FREQ/ORDER=ANALYSIS.StatisticsDuration of businessNValid100Missing0Mean2.93Range4Duration of businessFrequencyPercentValid PercentCumulativePercentValid12020.020.020.022626.026.046.031616.016.062.041717.017.079.052121.021.0100.0Total100100.0100.0
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