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CHCCDE011 Implement Community Development Strategies

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Implement Community Development Strategies (CHCCDE011)


Added on  2020-02-24

CHCCDE011 Implement Community Development Strategies


Implement Community Development Strategies (CHCCDE011)

   Added on 2020-02-24

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ASSESSMENT 1 Part 2: Research 1. Community development concern name The concern name of community development is disability studies within community services. This study will be undertaken in Australia. 2. Name 2 legislation & 2 public policies that apply to the community development concernLegislation 1The two key legislation pieces connecting with disability discrimination are disability Inclusion Act 2014 No 41. This act links with the accessibility towards facilities and mainstream services, along with that it can promote the community inclusion, fund provision,service and support for the disabled people (Disability Inclusion Act 2014 No 41, 2014). Legislation 2Disability Inclusion Regulation 2014- this act is compiled as well as maintained within the legislation database through parliamentary Counsel’s office and the same is published over the NSW legislation website, and it’s correct as per the Section 45C of the interpretation Act 1987 (Disability Inclusion Regulation 2014, 2014). Public policy 1WA health is highly committed in making sure that disabled people, their families cancompletely access the wide range of health services, information and facilities in the system of public health. The WA health intention is to offer the disabled people with the similar type of rights, opportunities and responsibilities that are enjoyed by others within the community. In order to ensure about the commitment, this policy will try to create and promote the environment, in which service, information and facilities are accessed by people and directly
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and indirectly try to discriminate the disabled people (Disability equality within healthcare, 2007). Public policy 2To work in partnership with the public authorities and community groups for facilitating the inclusion of individuals in the consultative forums (Policy, 2017). Other policy relates with developing the disability access and Inclusion Plan as per the Western Australian Services Act 1993 (Disability equality within healthcare, 2007). 3. Name 4 principles & 4 practices that apply to the community development concernPrinciple 1Democratic- it includes the majority interest that need to be undertaken, and ensure that minority rights are safeguard. Principle 2Inclusive- there are various challenges included in participation in poverty, society, age, disability, ethnicity, race and few other characteristics, which often marginalize with people. The healthy community always embrace the diversity and explore the community members tobe heard and take part in impacting their life (Disability equality within healthcare, 2007). Principle 3Non-authoritarian- the structure of an organization is flat, including every participant, who is given equal significance and input (Values and principles of community development, 2017). Principle 4Community self-determination- in this members of the community discuss their assess options, concern and come at conclusion. They might also seek to take an advice through
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experts, but simultaneously it considers the sources of information and creates their decision, which is considerable for them. Practice 1Asset based community development- it is referred as the version of community development, which starts with the process of development through exploring and constructing the community asset, instead of requirements (Disability equality within healthcare, 2007). Assets cover up skills, physical spaces, local groups, local knowledge and networks, along with financial resources. Practice 2Strength based approach- it seeks to construct the individual strength instead of deficits. This can be considered as a right practice for the practitioners of community development. Practice 3Collective effect- There are various similarities among the collective impact and community development, and most of the similarities and variation often derive from, how the project is actually delivered. Collective effect includes five main conditions that offer a framework for undertaking collaboration among the stakeholders (Disability equality within healthcare, 2007). Collective effect is considered as an emerging practice and it also includes various ongoing discussions, considering the role of community engagement as well as community leadership. Practice 4It is important to undertake the effective practice of community elopement. It includescommunity surveys, asset mapping of community, focus groups, main informant interviews, environmental scans are few methods for collecting community information (Disability equality within healthcare, 2007).
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