CHCECE002 Ensure the Health and Safety of Children

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CHCECE002 - ENSURE THE HEALTH AND SAFETY OF CHILDRENFormative assessmentActivity 1Question 2The best childcare outcomes are obtained when the educators, childcare service providers and theparents take part equally in the process. To achieve the expected childcare outcomes, the serviceproviders need to know the personality of the child, his/he strengths or weaknesses, the learning style ,the learning needs and the behvioural issues, if there is any. The collaboration between the educators,care service providers and the parents helps each of the parties to get in-depth insight on the activitiesof the children (Brennan, 2016). Therefore, developing the proper coping strategies and, addressing theissues becomes easier for the educators and care service providers. Collaboration among the parents,educators and the care service providers improve transparency among the stakeholders and develop astrong working relationship.References:Brennan, D. (2016). Federalism, childcare and multilevel governance in Australia. In Federalism,Feminism and Multilevel Governance (pp. 37-50). Routledge.Question3Education and Care Services National Regulations are the regulations that deal with communication ofthe systems in the Child’s record.Activity 2Question 3I would find out the reason due to which the child refuses to take medication. I would also counsel thechild so that he/she can understand the necessity of medication.Activity 3Question 1I will clean the bedding with cleaning supplies such as detergent and the water and also dry it beforeusing.
Activity 5Question 1The support staffs should wash hands in the following situations—1.Before touching the child2.After touching the child3.Before feeding4.After feeding5.After dealing with children during any outdoor activity6.Before medicating the child7.Before cleaning children8.After cleaning children9.Before and after nappy changing10.Whenever personal hygiene need to be maintained i.e. after visiting toilet or after consumingfood.Activity 6Question 21. Drying the space2. Cleaning with detergent and water and drying3. Cleaning with detergent and water and drying4. Cleaning with baking soda and vacuum cleaner. Disinfectant can be used after cleaning up.5. Using alcohol based cleaner and scraping up the paintActivity 9Question 1The childcare centers should ensure health and safety for each child. Regulation 103(1) is deals with thepremises, furniture and the equipment. The regulation states that the premises, furniture andequipment used in the childcare facilities require being cleaned, safe for the children and well-maintained. In case, the equipments, furniture or the premises are found faulty, the childcare serviceprovider can experience a fine. However, the regulation is not applicable for the family residences whichdo not provide childcare services.Activity 10Question 1
Labeling the items present in the childcare facility is necessary for avoiding the damages. For example,the chemical materials can be hazardous for the children. When these materials are not labeled in theright way, an individual, especially the children can touch those and it can have serious consequences(Fiscus et al., 2018). Labeling also helps the children to identify own items such as books , bottles anduse those. Sharing some items such as the water bottle can have adverse effects on personal hygiene.Labeling the items can mitigate the issues associated with hygiene. While using the labels , it needs to beensured that those are laminated, durable and water-resistant. Use of durable labels reduces the risk ofgetting destroyed easily.ReferenceFiscus, M. D., Mack, Y., Jones, T., & McDonald, M. (2018). Tennessee's Gold Sneaker Initiative: EngagingChildcare Centers in Voluntary Tobacco-Free Policy.Activity 11Question 1Leaving the children with the unauthorized people can be risky. It can cause severe drop in the qualityof care. In some situations, leaving children with unauthorized people can lead to criminal activities suchas child kidnapping. Therefore, Regulation 99 indicates that any child is not left alone with theunauthorized people (Andrews et al., 2014). Whenever the child is leaving the residence, t the carefacility service provider requires ensuring that he/she is accompanied by the authorized guardian. Theauthorized persons can be parent of the child, any authorized nominee who is mentioned during theenrolment of the child or any other person who is authorized by the parent or nominee.Reference:Andrews, L., Neopanay, B. P., Yaddehige, K., & Jorgensen, J. (2014). Do child care subsidies increase thelabour force participation of women in Australia?.Deakin Papers on International BusinessEconomics,7(1).Summative assessment 2Project 1Maintenance of good hygiene standards in childcare is necessary for reducing the risk of cross infectionbetween the adults and the children. The children spend a significant portion of the day at the childcarecenters (Adamson & Brennan, 2017). So, it can be a perfect time for teaching the children the properhygiene standards which can follow later also. The childcare facility in the current case gives importanceon maintaining health and hygiene for the children as well as teaching them the proper hygiene
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