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Formative assessmentsActivity 2Question 4The national quality standard provides two goals for the Excellence Area. The goals are -- promotinghealth and safety of children by minimizing the damage and injury by reducing hazards and pollutionand providing every child with quality education (Early Childhood Australia, 2018).Reference:Early Childhood Australia. (2018). Our Work - Early Childhood Australia. Retrieved from 7Question 4The Child Care Act, 2001 needs to be followed while designing indoor spaces for the child care centers.The Building Code Australia and the Regulations 103-117 need to be followed while designing the indoorspaces.Summative assessment 1Question 1The physical needs for education and care centers include—Maintaining cleanliness and safety of the equipments, furniture and premisesUse of fencing as necessaryPresence of sufficient laundry facilities and other infrastructure to deal with the soiled clothesPresence of adequate toilet and drying facilitiesMaintenance of glass safetySufficient ventilation in the premisesQuestion 2The five learning outcomes of EYLF are –
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