CHCPRP003 - Reflect on and Improve Professional Practice

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CHCPRP003 - Reflect onand improve ownprofessional practice
Formative assessment1. Organisations have faced various implications that does not provide focus on theimplementation of performance evaluation of employees at workplace like decline inproductivity, lack of knowledge about the requirement of training and development needs ofemployees. Company will not be able to analyse the strength and weaknesses of employees atworkplace (Battersby and Verdi, 2015). Performance evaluation technique helps in identifyingthe training needs of employees without it, company's employees performance at workplace willnot be evaluated. Without this, company's productivity, market performance and profitabilitywill also decline. There are will be major decline in employees job satisfaction because they willget any reward or recognition at workplace, moreover, labour turnover of company will increaseas due to rise in dissatisfaction of employees at workplace as they will achieve any growth andsatisfaction at workplace.2.For the evaluation of my own skills and abilities, I will take feedback from my immediatesupervisors, colleagues, mentors and clients so that actual requirement training and needs ofimprovement in knowledge and competencies have been analysed (Ruiz-López and, 2015).When I evaluate my own it is significant for me to breakdown job description in to specificactivities demonstrate the standards according to which each tasks is needed to be performed. Iwill evaluate my performance of these tasks in terms of feedback and I receive my ownjudgement of capabilities. I will identify the gaps between the expected, required and actualperformance. Self evaluation helps to demonstrate whether the skills presently I possess aresufficient or there is any requirement of improvement.3. To become self ware means the person will have an effective knowledge of his ownstrengths and weaknesses. Self awareness will affect my performance and triggers my belief andprejudices as well as cultural heritage (McCullough and, 2016). By having anunderstanding of my own strengths and weaknesses I will be judge all other individuals and alsoable to performance all the task effectively. It provides an ability to spend working lifeinteracting with people in many stressful and emotionally charged situations. Through selfawareness, I will be able to explore my own emotional intelligence and work at developing areasof weaknesses that may affect my ability to communicate effectively with clients.
Part B2. I have an effective knowledge self management which can be considered through myperformance as an employee in community service and effective time management skills. Alongwith this, I also have an effective knowledge of self management and learning skills along withindependent and self managed learning (Fullan, Rincón-Gallardo and Hargreaves, 2015). I havedeveloped my own personal goal related to the skills which I need to develop in order to performthe job effectively. Analysis of own strengths and weaknesses have also provided support in thedeveloping self awareness. Proper and scheduling of activities and task has provided aknowledge about the importance of time management and commitment towards the job.Activity21. I want to receive specific feedback about my own technical and leadership skill at workplacefrom the supervisors so that I will be able to analyse the need to improvement (Marsh, Bertrandand Huguet, 2015).I have two types of evidence that will supports the feedback like internal and external. Internalevidence will include the information that is collected from organization's own use like generaladministration information, day to day operation information and training assessments etc.External evidence will include evidence for the DMI and information from tutors etc.I will prepare to change my skills and training styles if the supervisor will provide an informationabout the need of improvement.Personnel support of supervisor and mentors is required to increase the performance and developskills.I will make a action plan and segregate my work according so that my efficiencies andperformance get increased.2. I have understood that the criticising the colleagues the performance and work performedby colleagues is not important because it will not provide any growth and analysis of ownrequirements. A specific example of a problem will also prevent the co worker from denying thebehaviour whom I will criticize. But, it will cause the colleague to become defensive andresentful and the outcome of our won discussion will be negative. It is not considered as helpfulto provide an understanding to colleague about need of improvement in his/ her skills but creates
negative perception as it not focused on improvement (Arnold and Boggs, 2015). It is destructiveto relationship when it is based on only right way to do the things.3.A feedback needs to be delivered to a colleague by using positive, non discriminatorylanguages, consists of proper instructions, needs to be supportive and non critical sarcastic(Knott and Scragg, 2016). All information needs to provided properly and it should be in writtenform so that I will productive for person and provides him an understanding to perform the taskseffective as per instructions. Appropriate procedures needs to be used to develop strategies and italso required that feedback should be communicate properly and provided as soon as possibleafter the event to which it relates. It should be delivered in effective way so that It will contain upto date knowledge regarding new issues.Activity 31. It is considered as important to as for feedback from the peers not just from supervisorbecause it is valuable tool for personal and professional as it allows me to grow in to my ownpotential (Cebrián and Junyent, 2015). It helps in getting direct personal experience of colleaguesas they have also performed the same task and also helps in getting actual analysis of skillsrequired to perform the task. The pitfall is following the mob mentality or peer pressure typemotivation of colleagues. Getting feedback from peers will us to know them and understandthem which will support in performing better job at work. It will also let me to understand onwhich level my colleagues entrust me while they work along.2. Understanding and managing own emotions so that Getting the feedback in written format or make personal records to make properunderstanding and used to ask questions.Actively listening to the feedback with proper eye contact.Getting used to receiving feedback in different situations.Considering the source of advice for analysing the importance of focusing on thefeedback.

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