CHCPRT001 - Children Care Givers in Australia


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Formative assessment 1Activity 2Question 4What other lawful instructions should you be aware of? The children care givers in Australia are accountable for their conduct at the workplace. The laws inAustralia give importance on protecting the rights of the children. So, any misconduct, negligence andinstances of underperformance can cause legal consequences for the childcare professionals.Activity 4Question 1The children use gestures and facial expressions also for communication. When the child cannotexperience the issue with words, he/she will try expressing with gestures. So, I would pay attention tothe gestures, expressions and body language of the child to the issue.Activity 6Question 1 However, for taking the right corrective actions the report should include details of the incident, thechild and the agency. The details of adults and other children involved with the incident are effective tounderstand the actual reasons and impacts of the children. The name , address and current location ofthe parents are effective for conducting further inquiry. So, all of these information should be includedto the report.

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