Food Preparation Techniques

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CHEMICAL RAISING AGENTS2AimTo understand some of the Chemical Raising agents and to know how to use themIntroductionChemical raising agents are chemical moistures or compound which basically release carbondioxide when the reaction occurs between them and heat, acidity and moisture. They normallyleave behind a chemical salt[ CITATION Jam10 \l 1033 ]. They are also known as chemicalleaveners and are employed in quick bread cakes. Some of the major chemical raising agentsinclude;i.Baking powderii.Potassium Bicarbonate ( Potash )iii.Bicarbonate of Soda (Sodium Bicarbonate and Baking Soda )iv.Potassium Bitartrate (Cream of Tartar)v.Ammonium Bicarbonate (Horn Salt )IngredientsBut these can be put into three main types as below:1.Sodium bicarbonate(sodium carbonates): This is employed in gingerbread and sodabread. It is always basic in nature (Alkali).2.Cream of tartar:Thisis an acid also known as potassium hydrogen tartrate and it isused together with bicarbonate of soda to give the acid ingredient for baking powder.This ingredient is always put to stabilize beaten white egg during cooking to help
CHEMICAL RAISING AGENTS3increase the volume of egg and is also added to whipped cream.Due to the chemicalreaction that takes place when cream of tartar is mixed with an Alkaline and bicarb ofsoda is mixed with something acidic – they can also be used as cleaning agents aroundthe home3.Baking powder:Thisis prepared from a base, bicarbonate of soda and also the acid,cream of tartar. Baking powder has a drying agent mixed with it to stop it reacting in thepacket.Baking powder can also be used instead of yeast to make bread. If you don't havebaking powder at home you can make your own by mixing together; cream of tartar,bicarb of soda (both explained below). Baking powder is put to plain flour to make self-rising flour, so you can always do this if you have run out of self-rising flour.Experiments oneChefs are professionals who have generally attained a given technical capacity inpreparation and handling of food. Food preparation techniques may, therefore, include thefollowing; baking which is considered as the method of lengthy time in making food by heat dryacting by convection, mostly in a microwave oven. Baking can as well be done on hot stones.Boiling is another form of food preparation technique. It involves the rapid vaporization of aliquid, that takes place when a liquid reaches its boiling point, that is, the temperature at whichthe pressure of vapor of the liquid is the same as the pressures on by the surroundingenvironmental pressure[ CITATION Bil13 \l 1033 ]. Another form of food preparation technique isblanching. This is a cookingpractice where food material, ordinarily a vegetable or fruit, isdipped into boiling water, removed after a shorter period of time and finally dipped into icedwater or placed under cold running water to stop the cooking process[ CITATION Bav12 \l 1033 ].Braising as another technique of food preparation is a combination cooking method which
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