Chemotherapy and Palliative Care for Cancer Patients

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Running head: CHEMOTHERAPY AND PALLIATIVE CARE FOR CANCER PATIENTSChemotherapy And Palliative Care For Adult Cancer PatientsName of the student:Name of the university:Author note:
1CHEMOTHERAPY AND PALLIATIVE CARE FOR CANCER PATIENTSTable of ContentsSummary:2Strengths of the study:2Limitation:3Nursing implications:4References:6
2CHEMOTHERAPY AND PALLIATIVE CARE FOR CANCER PATIENTSSummary:Chemotherapy is often the choice of treatment for the cancer patients with higher severityscale, however the consequences of the chemotherapy has to be taken into account wholediscussing the impact on their overall health and wellbeing. This research study by theWright etal., (2014), emphasizes on the effect of chemotherapy to the terminally ailing cancer patients andas attempted to compare the standards of subsequent medical care experience received by theterminally ill cancer patients in the advanced stages of cancer. Thedesign of the study has beensecondary analysis incorporating prospectus multi-institutional and longitudinal study of thecancer patients who were going through advanced stages of the disease. The setting incorporatedfor the study had been 8 outpatient oncology clinics within the context of United States. Thesample population selected for the study included 386 adult cancer patients at least onechemotherapy regimen, the sampling had been done on the basis of selecting patients who areterminally ill or will subsequently die in the near future. The primary outcome of the study hadbeen to discover the intensive medical care that the advanced cancer patients receive in the verylast weeks or months of their life (Wright et al., 2014). Along with that the primary focus of thestudy had also been on the place of death for the cancer patients are receiving chemotherapy forexample if it is in the palliative unit or Intensive Care Unit. The secondary outcome of the studyincluded discovery of survival rate, late hospital referrals and whether the patients died in thepreferred place of the patient.Strengths of the study:While discussing the strength of this research paper it has to be mentioned that the outcomemeasurement for the study had been very usefully subdivided into two different sections, for
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