Child Care Contingency Consideration

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1CHILD CARE6 MONTHS OLDBall gameInteraction consideration-While playing ball, parent should allow baby to put ball inmouth as it is the primary tool for exploration (Hepach et al. 2017). In this way, the babybecome fascinated with the sound that ball will make. Parent need to be more social andinteractive with the kid allowing them to explore on their own through ball playing(Moore 2017).Contingency considerations-As the kid put the ball in the mouth, it is important thatball should be clean and make sure that it should not cause any choking hazard. Roll theball slightly left or right of baby’s tummy as it helps them to roll it back over being amajor milestone for their muscle strengthening.Future plan-It is important to give the baby plenty of time for ball game exploring theirworld from all angles like belly and back.PeekaboosInteraction consideration-For better interaction and in eliciting baby’s riotous laughter,keep some crib-safe toys entertaining as it makes different sounds and actions likeshaking, squeezing in squeaky toys.Contingency consideration-Make sure that crib toys are clean and away from anyhazardous materials that can harm the kid.Future plan-For making game interesting put some colourful crib-toys making differentsounds so that they pick them up quickly.
2CHILD CAREMusicInteraction consideration-Interaction will increase when parents sing to their childmaking an intimate bond, spiritual connection and inculcate sense of calmness rather thanplaying an audio.Contingency consideration-Make short musical activities with decent pitch and vocalrange that is comfortable. One should also use appropriate rhythm of song.Future plan-For further development, remove words from song and sing encouragingthem to focus on music language.1 YEAR OLDBall gameInteraction consideration-Parent should have hand-eye coordination with kid so thatthey get involved in the game exploring control over hands, fingers and surroundings (Yuand Smith 2015).Contingency consideration-Use age-appropriate ball size that should not choke the kidand make sure it is clean as they explore with hands and mouth.Future plan-Help kid to take up more challenging tasks like kicking, throwing, bangingand shaking ball for further muscle development.SandpitInteraction consideration-Make structures like hill or other objects with sand alongwith kid so that they become interested in play.
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