Child care cost more than in-state tuition in Alaska.

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Child care cost more than in-state tuition in AlaskaThe major problem in the education system is the high fees involved. Despite providing fundingfrom the Federal government, states have failed to implement this in their fees structure. 75% offees as per the market prices is waived off under Child care and development fund (CCDF), asproposed by the Federal government to all states. Market price survey must be conducted toidentify state rates for providing assistance towards child care. It also emphasis on giving equalbenefits to all families, regardless of their financial and economic background. Informationregarding licensed child care providers must be gathered effectively to identify possible sources.The first step towards this is to collect all the data from the child care program office databaseand secondly, to perform a survey regarding licensed child care providers. The survey conductedhelped them to update the provider details. Different charges are subjected as per the courseenrolled. The child care costs can be tackled by evaluating food expenses and choices taken,learning materials adopted and different training modules for child development, etc. All theseaffect the cost incurred. The major limitation of the child care act is that the prices are dependenton the market prices and are not controlled by the government. This has initiated a steep rise infees of child care. There were a lot of false admissions, and many addresses were incorrect,which were found using survey analysis. The University Alaska Fairbanks offers fewer fees forthe families with their residence there. An alternative to rising fees and challenges, the studentsapplying for admission in UAF can submit their applications to avail scholarship program.Another substitute can be based on credit based system, which has different fees structuredefined. The revised rates by Federal government can help families to define their budgetallocations for adopting child care. The survey also depicted several incentives and all thefinancial information regarding child care services. The CCDF has laid several goals to increasetheir services and reduce the burden to families with low income so that they can easily afford1
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