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Overcoming Shyness and Reluctance in KindergartenNameAffiliate InstitutionDate
Story Telling Session and its objectivesA heroic story of a person who overcame shyness would motivate shy kindergarten childrenespecially when it is combined with one that is about the teacher’s own bashful moments. As arole model for some of them,I would tell them about the moments when I was shy to prove tothem that even adults are not perfect (Hardecker, S., & Tomasello, M., 2017).Explaining to the children the benefits of being outgoing, interacting with other children andspeaking out based on the hero’s actions in the story would inspire them to do the same. I wouldteach the children against teasing each other and guide them on helping one another(Johnson,etal,2016)After reading the story to them, I would ask the children to indicate lessons learnt from it thenexpound on those lessons (Crane, J., & Temple, V., 2015). I would show empathy to the shychildren who would not be able to participate while ensuring that I do not label them as beingshy.Rewarding and praising the children who participate for their outgoing behavior would be amotivation to the others (Eggum-Wilkens et al, 2017).Group GamesAfter the learning section, I would divide the children into groups of two to help them interactwith each other. In this session, the children would play a game such as building wooden blocksto enable them work together, which encourages communication (Battaglia et al, 2017).Following this procedure, the shy children would have gained some self-confidence applicable inother physical activities in the future(Colonnesi,et al,2017)
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