Child Development Assignment: Psychology Assignment

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Childhood DevelopmentChildhood development concentrate on how they can easily grow and increase theirmental ability in childhood. There are different types of models that help to increase the mentalability and also help in social, emotional and cognitive growth. Models of childhooddevelopment help to increase the physical and social development in the child. Children wereoften viewed simply as small versions of adults and less attention was paid to the differentadvances in a cognitive ability, language usage and physical growth. There are different andeffective theories and models of childhood development that help to increase a level of physicaland mental development. This give more enhancement to a child development. Understanding ismore important in childhood development because it allows us to fully appreciate the physical,mental, physical, social and educational growth that children go through after birth and into earlyadulthood. Some of the models of a childhood development includes various stages that describeevery aspect of a development (Alejandro-Wright, 2013). Piaget's cognitive development model is concerned with a development of a personthrough processes. It also focuses on how these thoughts processes influence, how they willunderstand and interact with the world. Jean Piaget's developed this kind of model that helped toincrease the development of physical, social, education and mental . It gives more enhancementto the childhood development. This model helps to increase the level of intellectual development.Various steps of Piaget's model as follows:The sensorimotor level:It includes At this level a child cannot understand the concept ofunderstanding and not share the feeling to other peoples. In this stage of this model the behaviouris limited to simple motor responses that is particularly caused by the sensory stimuli (Beilin andPufall, 2013). The pre-operational level:. During the age between 2 to 7 children do not understand thelogics and point of view of other people. They also cannot mentally manipulate information andthey are not able To give their opinion to others. They do not have appropriate knowledge abouthow to express their feeling and information to other people.The concrete operational level:It includes children between age of 8 and 11 Years. Atthis level of childhood, they can easily understand the concepts and also understand mental1

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