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Prevention of Childhood Obesity - Community Teaching Proposal

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Added on  2023-06-07

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This community teaching proposal aims to impart awareness regarding the negative health consequences of developing obesity and inculcate the importance of optimum weight management among children and adolescents. The proposed plan will utilize the 'Social Development Theory' for teaching and encourage learners to design personalized diet plans. The efficiency of the teaching plan will be evaluated by utilizing written examination and feedback interview methods.

Prevention of Childhood Obesity - Community Teaching Proposal

   Added on 2023-06-07

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Teaching Proposal:
Prevention of Childhood Obesity - Community Teaching Proposal_1
Introduction: Childhood
ObesityThe phenomenon of obesity, is caused due
to the unhealthy accumulation of body fat
in excess, with an absence of adequate
physical exercise and engagement in faulty
dietary habits (Apovian, 2016).
According to the American Heart Health
Association, one child or teenager,
amongst a group of three, is considered to
be obese or overweight (Hales et al.,
Prevention of Childhood Obesity - Community Teaching Proposal_2
Preliminaries of
Name of the teacher:
Time estimated for
teaching: 60 minutes
Location: University/School
Health Centre
Required materials:
Pamphlets, Projector
Estimated Cost: $80 to
Target Audience: Children
(6 to 12 years), Adolescents
Prevention of Childhood Obesity - Community Teaching Proposal_3
Childhood Obesity:
Epidemiological Rationale
According to the Organization for Economic
Co-operation and Development, almost 31%
of the obese or overweight populated in the
United States are children (Hales et al.,
According to the National Health and
Nutrition Examination Survey, the rate of
obesity occurrence amongst youngsters in
the United States, is 18.5 % (Odgen et al.,
Prevention of Childhood Obesity - Community Teaching Proposal_4

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