Children and Young People Development Assignment

Added on - Apr 2020

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EDUCATION2IntroductionIt’s very important to monitor and assess both children and young people develop. Themotoring and assessment of both are important to both practitioners and professional in that itenables them notice when both children and young people are not progressing as per theirexpectations. This, therefore, makes it very important for several checks to be conducted as away of knowing the progress and also know why children may not be developing as per theexpectations.[ CITATION Dol09 \l 1033 ]There are several techniques or methods that practitioners use to help them monitorchildren’s development.1.Assessment frameworksSpecialists are required to bring out ongoing evaluations through perceptions on a journalpremise as its basic part of development and learning. Any learning and development needs ofkids and youngsters must be tended to by the specialists with the parent/carer and any relevantexperts. Guardians/carers ought to be equipped regularly with their kids' progress.[ CITATIONDol09 \l 1033 ]2.ObservationsConsidering this method, the practitioners are entitled to a variety of activities like; watchingthe children as they play and also note how they are behaving in the course of their play. In somecases, while conducting the process of observation, it may not be necessary to interact physicallywith the children while in other cases is very important since this may help or support both
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