Christian Concept of the Imago Dei

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Christian concept of the imago deiChristian religion believes in the concept of imago dei as the image of God, which is the imprintso placed on the humanity, since this depicts the very fact that, the human being is beingidentified as the special creation which although debated throughout the Christian denominations[ CITATION Cra77 \l 1033 ].Importance and relevancy to healthcareThe image of God is believed to be seen more prominently in healthcare, since when someindividual approaches the healthcare, it’s out of discomfort and unbearable condition withregards to its health[ CITATION Sev81 \l 1033 ]. This is the condition which is often facedwhen an individual comes to a healthcare. It is when the health care professionals who comes into rescue, becomes the image of God in the earthly situations[ CITATION Pel79 \l 1033 ]. Godis believed to be the best healer of all kinds of troubles. So, when a health care professionalrelives the pain and provides with the relief to the utter discomfort a person was in to, then itfeels like God, by himself came to rescue. As it is believed that, the omniscient God created uswithin his own image, so it essentially implies that, each and every people are a part of Him andhence needs to treated with the same amount of respect and that of dignity, which cannot bedetermined and must not be determined with thesocioeconomic status or based on any otherstatuses[ CITATION She06 \l 1033 ].ReferencesPellegrino E D. . (1979).Humanism and the physician. .Knoxville: University of TennesseePress.Crawford R. . (1977). You are dangerous to your health: the ideology ofvictim blaming. .International Journal of Health services, 663-680.Sevensky R L. (1981). Religion and illness: an outline of their relationship. .Southenmedicaljournal, 745-750.Shelly, Judith Allen, and Miller, Arlene B. . (2006).Called to Care.Downers Grove, IL:InterVarsity Press.