Assignment on Christian Ethics and Animal Rights

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Running head: CHRISTIAN ETHICS AND ANIMAL RIGHTSChristian Ethics and Animal RightsName of the studentName of the UniversityAuthor note
1CHRISTIAN ETHICS AND ANIMAL RIGHTSThe Christians observe a moral code and charity is an essential part of their religiousdoctrine. Moral goodness is an essential part of their religion and their religion believes thatthe goodness and love that is shown to fellow human beings is returned to us. It lays stress onthe fact that God and one’s neighbour should be treated with love and compassion for thegreater good of human kind(1).The relationship between that of Christianity and animalrights is complex and varied which relies to a great extent on the historical context. JesusChrist has often been depicted in terms of imagery that is related to animals. According to theChristian environmentalists animals should be treated with respect.Many Christian philosophers have stated that the individuals should follow Jesus andanimals should be treated in such a manner that shows compassion. It should also illustraterespectful stewardship of the humanity for the environment. William Wilberforce who is theco-founder in relation to Royal Society For The Prevention Of Animals stands as an example.Christian attitudes have expressed the notion that human beings are negligent towardsanimals. They neglect the animals and are dismissive of the lot of animals. Some Christianshave the idea that animals should be treated like commercial products that people can utilizein order to serve the desire of humanity (2). Ideology is an important part of this debate andpeople from right wing and conservatives have a tendency to view animals as only resources.Those who have sympathy for the left are more supportive of animal rights measures.The relationship between that of animals and that of people is extremely complex.Christian writer Jack Zavada has said that man’s likeness is conceived to God and animal isconsidered to be subservient to man which points forward that animals can have the breath oflife. It brings out the idea that animals are not held to be in the same position as that of thehuman kind. The book of Genesis states that humanity is made out of the image of God, "Is “Animal Rights” A Biblical Concern? - Christian Research Institute",ChristianResearch Institute2Ministry, Christian. "What Is The Christian Position On Animal Rights? | ChristianApologetics & Research Ministry".Carm.Org.
2CHRISTIAN ETHICS AND ANIMAL RIGHTSthey are given the authority to control all the other beings of the earth. It does not mentionthat Adam and Eve are having animal flesh. No incidence of mal-treatment in respect toanimals has been mentioned in the Bible. The creatures along with that of the humans co-exist harmoniously and no mention of animals being exploited is noted in the Bible. Proverbs12: 10 lay out an important principle that a man who is right cares about the health of hisanimal.Meat-eating has received the approval of God after Adam and Eve were sent awayfrom the Eden to that of the end of global flood. A section of Genesis 9;3 states that just theway green plants were given to them in the same way they were given everything. The OldTestament states that God made differentiation between that of animal and that of man andman was asked to control the animals for the benefit of man. God has also provided man withthe moral guidelines that cruelty should be prevented. Animal sacrifice is an important aspectin many parts of the Bible. Isaiah 65:25 states that the wolf along with that of lamb will havefood together and that the lion will eat straw like that of the fox (3).Jesus Christ in New Testament stands for a moral icon and he can be looked upon asan inspiration in respect to Christian ethics. The canonical gospels did not exactly perceiveJesus to be a vegetarian. Biblical passages show that Jesus along with his followers arecarrying out fishing which in a way suggests that meat-eating was done in this phase. Inrespect to animal rights, Jesus is conceived of to be the “good shepherd” and it is mentionedthat a good shepherd sacrifices his life for serving the sheep (4).It thus highlights a moraltheme that those who are powerful should sacrifice themselves for serving the cause of theweaker section. This is often taken to be inspiration in respect to that of animal welfare.3Mark Oppenheimer, "Scholars Explore Christian Perspectives On AnimalRights",Nytimes.Com4"Should Christians Care About Animal Welfare?".The Exchange | A Blog By Ed Stetzer.
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