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Running head: CHRISTIANITYChristianityName of the Student:Name of the University:Author note:
1CHRISTIANITYQuestion:I have placed in Woolworths in the post of a Service Manager, and the experience hasbeen an extremely a fulfilling one. I have been able to enjoy many learning opportunities, andhave also received multiple training options. For example, I have received training ininterpersonal communication skills that have helped in improving my verbal communicationskills. Now, I feel much confident while interacting with customers at my workplace, and love toserve the company that has professionally developed my abilities. Earlier, I was always veryscared to work anywhere, as I suffered from low confidence level. However, after working atWoolworths, I have become more self-motivated and driven, and I love working, as I have beenable to acquire the skills needed for accomplishing my job. I am enjoying each day at work, asall my co-workers are so nice to me, and they help me as and when required. I accomplish asense of purpose by serving customers in time and ensuring their satisfaction.Reading 1:This reading revolves around the debatable issue- if abortion should be legalized or itshould be criminalized. Although abortion is allowed, religious people tend to think that it killsthe innocent life of an unborn, which has every right to claim a life, even though he cannot asserthis rights. However, a more rational approach states that the unborn child during his initial yearsis only a fetus, comprising of tissues, and is nothing more than a simple product of sexualintercourse1.A woman’s life or well-being is often threatened while trying to give birth to anunborn child, who is not yet born, and his mother’s right to life should be more than his own ashe has still not attained consciousness of his existence. Besides, many women are victims of rape1David K Clark and Robert Vincent Rakestraw,Readings In Christian Ethics(Grand Rapids, Mich.: Baker Books,1994).
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