Paper Chromatography Experiment Report

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Running head: CHROMATOGRAPHY EXPERIMENT.1Chromatography ExperimentNameInstitution Affiliation
CHROMATOGRAPHY EXPERIMENT2Chromatography Experiment.SolventObservationsEthanolOn addition of ethanol as a solventapproximately 13 ml of methylene blue dyedrained out of the column shown by the darkblue eluent. During this time the fluoresceindye only moved very slightly.WaterWhen water was added as a solvent caused itcaused the migration a greenish yellow liquidwhich is most likely to be the fluorescein dye.The eluent collected was around 14 ml.Observations/Results:Part A: Separation of a dye mixture by solid-liquid (column) chromatography.Table 1: Separation of a dye mixture by solid-liquid (column) chromatographyPart B: Separation of plant pigments by paper chromatographyTable 2: Rfvalues of the different pigments in spinach.Identify the pigments and their Rfvalues.Distance travelled by solvent front: 10 cmRf=Distance travelled between the starting point and pigment lineDistance between the starting point and solvent frontPigmentDistance Travelled byRfValue
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