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CIBC5005. Construction for Small Buildings. New Zealand

Added on - 13 Jul 2021

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Topic: Scope of NZS3604Level 415 creditsNew Zealand Diploma in Architectural TechnologyConstruction for Small BuildingsCIBC5005Level 515 CreditsDemonstrate your understanding of construction requirements for timber-framed buildingswithin a certain limit.Identify the scope and limits of NZS 3604:2011
ScopeWhatContentsTimber FramingMaterialsTypes of BuildingsWhat is NZS 3604:2011What is inside NZS 3604:2011NZS3604:2011 isprobably the most useddocument for anarchitectural technicianin a residential designpractise.WhereWhere would students beable to obtain a copy fromNZS 3604:2011
It is one of many New Zealand Standards whichform part of the building control framework.Standards provide non-mandatory (ie. there areother ways to do it) standards based solutions.NZS3604:2011 sets out construction requirementsfor timber-framed buildings within a certain limit.The limit or scope is the basis for this lecture.It forms the backbone of this Course, and will bealso used for all the problem-based learning inDocumentation for Small Buildings.Councils accept the outcomes provided from thisdocument when processing building consentapplications where the work falls within the scopeof this Standard.NZS 3604:2011What is NZS3604:2011
NDAT students need a hard copy of this as a required text for thiscourse. It will be needed when undertaking the 3604 Test or re-sit test,and for use in class.Digital versions are available and are acceptable, but are slower to usegenerally, and difficult to get an overall understanding from.NZS3604:2011 is available from:Copy Centre has the rights to print one copy per student. A colouredcopy in a binder will be approx. $150.00. They will also do a blackand white version for considerably less, but this is notrecommended as all the tables are colour-coded.Book Shop will have the ‘real’ version at around $330.00, and willneed to be ordered.Standards NZ will have it for about the same price.Library gives the student an option to download and print one perstudent. You will need to consult them about undertaking this.NZS 3604:2011Where do students get NZS3604:2011from?
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