Assignment on CISP400 Object Oriented Programming with C++

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1You can choose to submit either A2 (worth 150 points), AD2 (worth180), or both (worth 180) for 2nd assignment you will get a score forthis assignment either 150 points base or 180 points base.Grading Criteria:1.If the submitted program cannot be compiled or run on aMicrosoft visual studio 2013 C++ compiler, the assignment willnot get any credit.2.If the file name does not follow the naming instruction as statedin syllabus, the assignment will get 5 to 15 points deduction.3.If the header section of the submitted file does not includepersonal information and purpose of the file, the assignment willget 5 to 30 points deduction.4.Late assignments will not get any credit for the assignment.5.A submission does not follow the instructions of the assignmentwill get little credit.6.A portion of the assignment is not finished or incomplete will getlittle or no credit.7.Submit an assignment to a wrong drop box. The wrong drop boxone will not get any credit.8.If use A for AD or AD for A assignments in the file name, thestudent will not get any credit for the assignments.9.If the submitted file(s) cannot be opened by the instructor’ssoftware (WinZip, Visual Studio, or text editor) the assignmentwill have little credit.10.If the submission file does not include all necessaryprogramming files to run the program, the program will get littlecredit.Page1of6CISP400V9A2
211.If the program does not separate into several files (driver,header file, implementation file, etc.) as describe in theassignment, the program will get little credit.12.If the displaying result of the program is not exactly matchwith the graphic in the assignment description or the displayingresult of the executable file which comes with the assignment,the assignment will get little credit.13.If the program does not have enough detail documentationin the programming area the program will get 5 to 30 pointsdeduction.14.If the program includes some unrelated documentation theprogram will get some points deduction.A2A company wants to transmit data over the telephone, but is concerned that its phones could be tapped.All of the data are transmitted as four-digit integers. The company has asked you to write a program thatencrypts the data so that it can be transmitted more securely. Your program should read a four-digitinteger and encrypt it as follows: Replace each digit by (the sum of that digit plus 7) modulus 10. Then,swap the first digit with the third, swap the second digit with the fourth and print the encrypted integer.Your main duty for this assignment is creating an Encrypt class which includes Encrypt.h andEncrypt.cpp. After finishing the task you can use CISP400V9A2.cpp to test the Encrypt class.The following is the Encrypt class specification.1. The Encrypt class has an integer private data member 8 element array named digits. The first fourelements (0 ~ 3) are to store the original 4 digits integer and the next four (4 ~ 7) are to store theencrypted data.2. Encrypt class has several public member functionsa. An Encrypt constructor takes an integer of any digits and stores the last four digits. It encrypts the lastfour digits, stores the encrypted information, displays a call to the constructor information, and shows theoriginal information and encrypted information. If the inputted number is less than or equal to 0 theinteger is set to 9436.Page2of6CISP400V9A2
3b. A displayOriginalData function does not accept and return any data. It displays the first four elementsof the private data member.c. A storeData function takes an integer and does not return anything. It stores the last four digits of thepassed in integer to the first 4 elements of the private data member, encrypts the data and store them inthe last 4 elements of the private data member.d. A displayEncryptedData function does not accept and return any data. It displays the last four elementsof the private data member.This assignment comes with a file. It includes two files (CISP400V9A2.cpp andCISP400V9A2.exe). The CISP400V9A2.exe file is an executable file. You can double click the file toget to the expecting result (see the picture below) of this assignment. After you finish yourimplementation for the Encrypt class (put the declaration of the Encrypt class into Encrypt.h , andimplementation of the class into Encrypt.cpp), you can put the CISP400V9A2.cpp, Encrypt.h , andEncrypt.cpp in a project and then you should run to the same result as the CISP400V9A2.exe. Please beawarded that you can adjust only your program (Encrypt.h, and Encrypt.cpp) to generate the requiredresult but not the code in CISP400V9A2.cpp file.The following is the display of the expecting result.Please document the files(CISP400V9A2.cpp,Encrypt.cpp andEncrypt.h)properly and zipthem into aproper named zip file for this assignment (refer to the assignment section of the class syllabus) and submitit to the A2 dropbox of the D2L Website.Page3of6CISP400V9A2
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