Civil Engineering Journal.

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Civil Engineering Journal
Case subjectThe case talks about the Pont Du Gard Bridge which provides water facilities to approximately50,000 people in Nimes.LocationThe Gard River is located in the southern France, and it is the 2000 years old roman aqueductbridge which is called as Pont du Gard (Chanson et al., 2015).DesignerThe bridge is designed by the Romans, and it consists of semi-circular arches.ConstructorThe construction of the bridge is done by the Romans.OwnerIt was owned by the Augustus son in law and aide Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa.CostThe total costs of building the bridge are approximately 2.5 Million sesterces per km which werefunded by the city and emperor.
Construction periodThe construction period is between 40 and 60 AD. The total takes approximately fifteen years.Type and useIt is the type of principle construction which is nearly 50 km that supplied the city of Nimes, andit is known as Nemausus. It is used to provide approximately fifty thousands of people withclean water at Nimes.AgeIt was 2000 years ago.Material usedThe material was acquired from the Estel Quarry. The hydraulic cement is use as the rock whichwas founded as the soft coarse yellow limestone. The pozzolana which is the mixture of concreteblock is used with the lime and rubble.Assessment of aestheticsThe architecture of the bridge is uniquely designed, and it is the global masterpiece with itsaesthetic work. The bridge is located 25-kilometer north-east of Nimes, and it is in the directionof Avignon (Norwich et al., 2014).
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