Civil Liberties in America - Assignment

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Running head: POLITICS1PoliticsName:Institution:Date:
POLITICS2Two (2) Civil Liberties in AmericaThe past two years has seen an increased activism led by “Black Live Matter” initiative thathas been at the fore front of equal right for all. Over the past several years, protests haveerupted in the US after high profile shooting of black men who are unarmed by the police.Majority of black people see it as police brutality, discrimination and racism by the majority.They claim that a white person cannot be shot by police officers under similarcircumstances(Hershey,2017). The black lives matter movement has also highlighted theracial inequality on the justice system in the United States. As a result, the government hasbeen put to task in regards to its justice systems considering that prisons in the US have moreblack minority that the majority. It is a system that is skewed towards oppressive tendenciesagainst the black. Parliament in both the senate and the lower house have discussed theoppressive judicial system and reforms have started to be implemented(Lawson, 2014).The second civil right is based on the civil rights on restrictions of some people entering theUnited States from certain countries. This has also seen round up of illegal immigrants in theUnited States to be deported to their respective countries(Schuck, 2018). Civil rights groupssaid in a statement that it is discriminatory to restrict new entrants and deport people whohave been in America for long periods curtailing their rights(Moore, Murray, Farrell &Youm,2017). American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) launched a challenge on President DonaldTrump to challenge the decision. It was a campaign pledge made by president trump to blockMuslims from entering the United States. Restrictive immigration laws hit eight countriesthat are predominantly Muslim and which perceived to harbor terrorists. However,generalization of tendencies by a government is wrong(Lipschultz, 2014). This has led to thegovernment creating a safe environment for the country. The department of justice inAmerica. However, judges squashed the ruling and declared it illegal upon appeal by the
POLITICS3judge. The Muslims have since stopped being profiled due to terrorism although it remains ahighly emotive factor(Hershey, 2017).Discuss two (2) media events (past or present) that have positively and/or negativelyinfluenced the public’s opinion of a government agency.Any particular media event can influence greatly the perception of the public towards thegovernment or its agency. One of such events is the in depth research at the Ruby Ridge. Thisis a site that witnessed a standoff between the federal agents that is the US marshals and theFBI and the weaver family. This was witnessed at their remote Idaho residence. The standoffwas prompted and instigated by the attempt to issue an arrest warrant against Randy for themaking and possessing illegal arms. Weaver would resist peaceful surrender attempts and a10 day standoff ensued. In the course of the standoff, Randy’s wife, a US marshal andRandy’s young son lost their lives. The death of two unarmed civilians led to the public beliefthat the federal agencies are ruthless and aggressive in handling civilians matters especiallyrelated to gun ownership. Distrust ensued after the event and was seen again at the Wacosiege in Oregon.The media plays a major role in public belief, perception and societal change. It plays a majorrole in informing the public on what happens in the country and in the world at large. The2017 mass shooting at a Las Vegas concert which happened in October 1, 2017 at a musicfestival. 58 people were confirmed dead in the shoot-out while more than 800 were reportedinjured. Federal agencies and US marshals were quick at the scene of the shooting trying tocapture the suspect a 64-year old retiree. His motives have not been known up to now but thepolice and other agents tried all their best to kill him putting their lives in danger(Farrell, &Newman, 2015). For about an hour he fired shots using his semi-automatic machine gun. Themedia captured all the event as it happened. The agencies put their lives at risk and helped to
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