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con216 exam 2 - Claims Act Authorization Act

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Name: ________________________Date: ______________CON 216EXAM 2Total possible points: 75Part I: Multiple Choice (2 points each)1.A protest may be a written objection to which of the following?a.the cancellation of a solicitationb.the termination or cancellation of an award of a contractc.the award of a new contractd.all of the above2.Which of the following are types of alternative dispute resolution (ADR)?a.arbitration, fact-finding, partneringb.mediation, researching, discoveryc.arbitration, mediation, jury selectiond.none of the above 3.An equitable adjustment has __________.a.a quantumb.a entitlementd.both A and C4.In a solicitation for the production of survival rafts, the navy provided detailed design specifications for the process by which the contractor was to bond the rubber seams. During testing, the seams separated at lower pressure levels than the contract specified. The navy is considering terminating the contract for default. What is the most likely outcome if the contractor challenges this action? a.The contractor will prevail because the navy expressly warranted that the raft would meet all performance specifications.b.The navy will prevail because the contractor bears the ultimate responsibility for any item it delivers. c.The contractor will prevail if it can show that it followed the navy's manufacturing process precisely. d.The navy will prevail because the contractor was an experienced manufacturer.5.Which act gives an interested party judicial challenge in federal court? a.Appropriations Act 09/19/20191
b.Administrative Procedure Act c.Competition in Contracting Act d.Small Business Act 6.Which act allows the government to recognize the assignment of contracts as security for loans needed for defense contract performance? a.Assignment of Claims Actb.Authorization Actc.Appropriations Actd.none of the above7.Which of the following can be participants in a protest?a.defendant, plaintiff, judgeb.contracting officer, interested party, Government Accountability Office (GAO), federal courtsc.contracting officer, plaintiff, GAOd.none of the above8.Which of the following represents one of the most common methods of determining how much one should pay for an equitable adjustment?a.actual costb.assumptionc.comparatived.both B and C 9.__________ is/are reasonable grounds for an improper agency evaluation protest.a.relaxation of the announced award criteria by the procuring agencyb.imposition of additional unannounced criteriac.both A and Bd.none of the above10.A solicitation defect may include which of the following?a.denial of permission to the incumbent contractor to compete on the contractb.ambiguity in the requirements being solicitedc.requests for more contractor support than previously obtainedd.none of the abovePart II: Fill-in-the-Blank(2 points each)11.One common reason for a protest is improper exclusion from the _________________ range. 12.There are three forums for filing a protest: _________________, _________________, and _________________. 13.If a party in a dispute doesn't like the decision issued from the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, their last appeal is with the _________________ via writ of certiorari. 14.List the steps involved in the assignment of claims process.1.09/19/20192 15.A(n) _________________ permits contractors to assign claims on government contracts to financing institutions as collateral for loans. 16.The government's first choice in a dispute resolution is to undergo _________________. 17._________________ is a process in which a third party, called a conciliator, restores damaged relationships between parties by bringing them together, clarifying perceptions, and pointing out misconceptions. 18.When filing a protest, it is best to work with _________________ before the situation escalates to involve the GAO or the judicial courts. 19.A _________________ is a request for relief that seeks to initiate the disputes process.20._________________ is the act of an authorized government agent that formally determines that the supplies or services submitted by a contractor satisfactorily discharge the contractor's duty of performance under the contract. 21.The _________________ requires that important contractual agreements be reduced to writing if the parties wish to make the agreement legally enforceable. 22.That dispute/claim decision may then be appealed to the _________________ or the _________________. 09/19/20193

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