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Claims, Concerns and Issues-(Topic, e.g. Restraint)ClaimsWhat positive statement would I make about thecare in the place I workConcernsWhat are my concerns about the care at theplace I work?IssuesWhat questions do I have about the care in theplace where I work?There are favourable assertions that can bemade regarding the IV channel is that it is aneffective intervention for vascular dementiapatients who refuse to take medications orally orsuffer from permanent dysphagia. This alsoimproves nutrition in the population who areunable to feed on their own like in progressivedementia or other mental health conditions(Hussain et al. 2014).IV is considered to be an unfavourable assertionas it gives rise to faintness, dizziness, fatigue,lethargy, insomnia, mild slow heart rate,shortness of breath, indigestion, constipation,cold, swelling or confusion. According to Krügeret al. (2016) among all the proposed medicalinterventions, in case of progressive diseaseconditions like vascular dementia, the benefits ofIV channel placement does not outweigh the riskfactors associated with it.There is no evidence that medication through IVchannel increases one’s life expectancy or reducerisk for pneumonia, relieve suffering orimprovement of skin integrity.Regarding the care of Mr X, it is evident that itraises ethical issues of respect for autonomy andbeneficence. Mr X does not want any IV channelinsertion in his body and one the other hand,forceful IV channel placement or kind or restraintviolates the ethical principle of respect forautonomy. Moreover, IV channel placement is anact of beneficence promoting Mr X welfare tosupport medication and nutrition.SNPG 958Assessment task 1 Claims, Concerns and Issues SummaryRC 2017
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