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Class DiagramTesting Plan

1.Describe the user interface. What are the menu options and how will the user use the application?Ans: There is one interface: CTAStations. This interface defines some methods that will be implemented by the Station class. My menu contains the total 6 options. The description of the menu options are defined as: 1 Add new station details 2 Search a station 3 Delete a station 4 View root between start and end station 5 Find the nearest station to a location 6 Exit2. Describe the programmers’ tasks. a)Describe how you will read the input file.Ans: There is a CTAProcessClass class which process the all the functionalities of the tasks. There is one class CTA class has the main method. The user interact with the CTA class and all data handling is done in the CTAProcessClass class. When program starts the CTA class call the method readFile of the CTAProcessClass calss.b) Describe how you will process the data from the input file. Ans: The all relevant data is read from the input file and then it stores in lists. There are some listwhich are defined previously. I have created the list for each line.c. Describe how you will store the data (what objects will you store?)Ans: I have created the separate classes for each line and there is one class to store the Station class. I have created a list for each line to store the each station details on this line.d. How will you demonstrate polymorphism?Ans: There is a CTA class. In this class I have used some method which are override. There are a class in which the constructors are overloaded to supply the different data in the class at different type.

Override function name with class name:1.CTAStations interface:public int getSequenceNo();public void setSequenceNum(int sequenceNum);2.Station class methods@Override public int getSequenceNo() { return this.sequenceNum; } @Override public void setSequenceNum(int sequenceNum) { this.sequenceNum = sequenceNum; }3. All line classes extend the Station class. So these two methods are also override bye Line classes. e. How will you add/delete/modify data?Ans: I have used the list to store the number of stations details in the list. Process to add new station details: first I have read all the details about the station and the ask for line (red, green, ..etc) and the I have added this new station at the end of red line and set the sequence number for this station and finally this is added to the end of arraylist of that line. f. How will you search data? Ans: I have asked for the station name and the print the details of that station.3. List the classes you will need to implement your application. Ans: Inerface CTAStationsList of classes:1.Station2.RedLine3.GreenLine4.BrownLine5.BlueLiine

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