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Architecture Assignment | Claudio Silvestrin’s Composed Projects

Added on - 28 Jan 2020

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Understanding Claudio Silvestrin’s Composed Projects1Understanding Claudio Silvestrin’s Composed ProjectsStudent's Name:Instructor's Name:Date:
Understanding Claudio Silvestrin’s Composed Projects2Title – Understanding Claudio Silvestrin’s ComposedProjectsIntroductionInterior design is an art by itself. The science behind interior designing comprises of sevenimportant elements. These elements are extremely important in developing a comfortable andpleasing ambiance. We have considered to research about Claudio Silvestrin. He is an architectand a famous designerClaudio Silvestrin. Silvestrin is well-known as a “MasterofContemporary Minimalism”.By definition, minimalism is a design style that strips down elements. It identifies unnecessarycomponents and removes them. In most cases, minimalism focuses on the purpose and functionof the space available. This way it achieves a simple and a peacefulenvironment. Interestingaccents of minimalism would be geometric form, streamline furniture and neutral shades.This study analyses Claudio Silvestrin’s ways of using design elementsin hisprojects. The studyfocuses on Kanye West’s loft. This is a characteristic project that describes Claudio’sarchitectural skills wonderfully.MethodologyThis study is based on both primary and secondary research methods. The researcher reviewedseveral course notes. These course notes helped in building a foundation. It also helped ingathering information from many websites. On some days, the art gallery was visited too.Primary elements for the research were obtained from a Claudio Silvestre’s Project. This project
Understanding Claudio Silvestrin’s Composed Projects3is found in his London Art Gallery. Over the past few years, London Art Gallery turned into aplace with magical design elements and artefacts.Information for the primary study wasgathered from one of Claudio Silvestre’sprojects. Asmentioned previously, Claudio’s London Art Gallery was used for the study.The second stage of research focuses on an elicited,but essential foundation. A series ofinterviews were conducted along with reviews that scanned through Claudio’s biographies.Several websites with Claudio’s works were analysed during the process.Significance of the ResearchThe study was intended to prove that the role of successful interior designer revolves aroundfactors apart from the functionality of interior spaces and aesthetic values. The designer isresponsible for engaging, innovative and interesting work .This study clearly proves that youneed lots ofinspirationandcreativity to excel in this industry. These are two important factorsthat would define your rate of growth in the market.It is quoted in [1] that“If you have a true desire, a true passion for a certain area, then it is in thatfield that your real creativity will blossom.”Claudio’s works fall in line with this theory. There isso much passion and true desire in what he does. This is a major reason why no two projects arethe same.Analysing“Space“in Kayne West loft/apartment
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