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Running head: CULTURAL MANAGEMENTCultural ManagementName of the Student:Name of the University:Author Note:
1CULTURAL MANAGEMENTThe essay discusses on perspectives of cultural dimensions from the point of view of twopeople Ellen and Jack. Here Ellen and Jack are co-managers of the SI project based in Korea.Thus, based on various models provided on cultural dimension the essay helps derive differentviews on the competence from the perspective of Ellen and Jack. The essay also discusses aboutthe client approaches adopted by Ellen and Jack. In Korean culture, women are accepted in the professional field only when she isqualified. Therefore the immediate boss selected Allen because of the competence that shepossessed. She not only possessed creativity, capability and project management skills but alsowas adaptable to the prevailing cultures. Her competence can be viewed in the perspective ofcultural dimension put forward by the Hofstede’s Cultural Model (Obeidat et al., 2012). Thetheory acted as a framework for communication taking place cross culturally. The theory alsohelps describe how the culture of a society has its effects on the values of the members and howthe values relates to the behavior by making using of a structure derived from factor analysis.Moreover, the theory puts forward four dimension, uncertainty avoidance, collectivismindividualism, task orientation versus person orientation and power distance that imply power ofsocial hierarchy. In this context, one can analyze the impact of Korean culture on Ellenbehavior. Once, Ellen arrived in Korea, she instantly began to make herself comfortable withprevalent business etiquette and the language that prevails though she found English beingspoken only at limited restaurants and hotels that catered to only western clients. Jack Kim onthe other hand, was the lead Korean Consultant in the SI project with Ellen Moore and was quitea dominant character who always instructed the teammates leaving aside Ellen, his co manager(Ganescu, Gangone & Asandei, 2014). She therefore had a tough time in dealing with herteammates, as they liked to follow instructions only from Jack.

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