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Added on - 16 Feb 2021

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Client commentWriter commentPage no2.1 discuss about thenormalization technique usedhere for the designDone marked in red122.2 provide annotations forthe screenshots ( here pleasedouble check, i dont know if iscorrect)Done133.1 provide practical examplesThis will only be theoreticalpart3.3 using the database showthe reports created from thequeriesDoneProvided the sql file as well4.1 Provide a review of whathas been developed using therequirements given in the casestudy. Discuss what tables arecreated, repot , queries etcbased on the userrequirements.Done234.3 Show the step by stepguide in terms of the user ofthe database for a new userand technical aspects as well.Done highlighted in red274.4 Show the validations onDone29
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