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Running head: CLIENT FORMULATION AND TREATMENT PLAN1Client formulation and Treatment planStudent’s NameUniversity Affiliation
CLIENT FORMULATION AND TREATMENT PLAN2Client formulation and Treatment planIntroductionMental health issues have become common to a large number of people, with some ofthem having major and severe mental conditions while others are disturbed mentally by a fewissues that are easily corrected with a small intervention plan. Despite the severity of themental condition of an individual, however, a treatment plan is always important for thosewith mental issues to have in place. Without such a plan, it is easy for an individual to havethe condition worsen significantly (Empfield, & Bakalar, 2013). The treatment plans to guidepatients to live better lives and has the ability to respond to their condition throughimprovements. A common problem of individuals with mental issues is their inability to copewell with others in the society, lack of sleep and stress. This paper asks the case of Jim, a 48-year-old sales manager who is married and has a number of three children. Being anindividual facing mental health challenges, the paper provides an explanation of his case andan intervention plan to establish improvements (Ilardi, 2009).Case formulationAs explained earlier, Jim is a 48-year-old father of three children, who is also marriedto his wife. He also has a sales managing work, which he values and is significantlypassionate about. Jim presented to counselling with issues of being in a low mood, poor sleepand complete loss of interest in activities that he enjoyed before. The symptoms of thesechallenges have existed in his life for a year, an aspect that reveals the importance ofaddressing the issue that he has. From the provisions of his story, a number of life experienceincidences are associated with his condition. To begin with, Jim witnessed a serious accidentthree years ago, which resulted in the loss of one of his close members of his family. Whenan individual loses a family member, it becomes extremely difficult for him or her to manage
CLIENT FORMULATION AND TREATMENT PLAN3living normally like all other individuals. This incidence became the first aspect to causenegative impacts with regard to low moods in Jim’s life. This negative experience in his lifeis thus one of the main reasons why the psychological issues began appearing (Schwartz, &Petersen, 2006).Apart from this experience, other unfortunate experiences have occurred which can beassociated with his current condition. He, for example, experienced surgery complicationsafter witnessing the accident incidence, an aspect that clearly also had a negative impact onhis psychological well-being. After witnessing the accident, Jim reported an increase indistress for a period of time. After this incidence, the complication with the surgery occurredand thus it is likely to have increased his mental issue significantly, an aspect that thereforecaused him to begin developing his current condition. With this regard, therefore, it is clearthat an intervention plan is necessary, which will help in avoiding further deterioration in themental health of the client (Helkowski, Stout, & Jongsma, 2004).Problem presentationThe problem that exists is the fact that the sad mood that Jim has and his inability toexpress joy and happiness is significantly affecting his life and that of his family. Thisaspect has made it difficult for Jim to establish good relationship with othersThe other important aspect of consideration is the problem of not willing to involve inthe activities that are exciting to him. After the many psychological problems occurred,Jim began lacking interest in the important activities that they needed to involve in.Another section of the problem is the lack of ability to establish effectiveness in theactivities that are beneficial to both Jim and his family. In his condition, Jim is not ableto relate well with both his wife and his family like children.
CLIENT FORMULATION AND TREATMENT PLAN4The condition of Jim also impacts his life in that he has increased his motivation towork. Although this may seem beneficial, it is also partially problematic since itoccupies all his time thus leaving him with less time to socialize with family membersand friends.Another aspect of Jim’s problem is his inability to act like a father to his children andrelate well with his wife. Being in the condition he is in, Jim lacks the ability to act like anormal father to his children, an aspect that also makes his condition worse.The other significant problem that Jim faces is the problem of being unable to addresshis problem using personal enlightening strategies. Jim has lived with his condition formore than an year, an aspect that reveals he is not capable of addressing the issue he isfacing.PrecipitatingThe first cause of the problem that Jim is facing is his inability to handle significantlystressing occurrences in his life. The occurrence of the accident which he witnessedplayed a significant role in complicating his condition.The other cause to this issue is Jim’s inability and willingness to communicate hiscondition with other individuals. When people communicate and share their conditions,they have a higher chances of improving mentally.The other cause is the occurrence of the accident that Jim witnessed. This accidentcaused Jim to obtain the mental issue that is currently affecting him negativelyThe lack of an appropriate group of individuals in his life that he can share his feelingsand understanding with, is the other major problem that has caused Jim to reach to hiscurrent situation.
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