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Strategic Audit Report Preparation Rubric for General Electric - Desklib

Added on -2019-09-16

This is an assessment rubric for preparing an individual strategic audit report of General Electric using different analytical tools such as SWOT, Porter's 5 Force Analysis and CAPM. The rubric includes assessment of organization and presentation of report, strategic planning, key factors and strategic alternatives. The maximum marks for the rubric is 100%.
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CLO1: Examine the internal and external environment of business firms using different analytical tools (SWOT, Porter’s 5 Force Analysis and CAPM)Prepare Strategic Audit Report of the following Companies:Rubric for grading is attached.Team Text book Case DigbyCase 29: General Electric.ASSESSMENT RUBRIC FOR PREPARING INDIVIDUAL SECCONTENTCLOassessedMaxMarks IORGANIZATION & PRESENTATION OF REPORT135%a. Length of report-Maximum 5 pages (excluding tables)10%b. Organization & Structure of report (based on Strategic Audit Format)-Paper has followed the strategic audit format -The paper follows the assignment requirements/directions-The paper uses paragraphs properly10%532c. Communication style & grammar-The paper is clearly written using language appropriate for the assignment-The paper contains few grammatical or punctuation errors (< 1-3 per page)-The paper contains few spelling errors (< 1-3 per page)15%555II. CONTENT (A+B+C)65%A. Strategic Planninga. Discussed current performance & Mission 110%b. Presented EFAS matrix and discussed?110%c. Presented IFAS Matrix and discussed ?110%B.Presented Key (Strategic) Factors? (SFAS)-The writer demonstrates full knowledge of the subject-The writer responds fully to the issues raised in the assignment cover sheet-The writer provides relevant and cogent analysis-Ideas are well developed-The analysis is supported by the arguments presented115%24333C.Discussed Strategic alternatives?120%Total (I+ II)100%

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