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AbstractIn recent years cloud computing plays a major role in the IT industry by introducing completely anew concept as well as the enterprise system. The previous system is very old and a little bitexpensive as well as complex in implementation and use. To prevent this type of situation cloud-based enterprise system is recently introduced to provide flexibility, scalability, and independence inthe infrastructure of IT. Due to lack of much research and literature, this area is still completely notexplored but nowadays it attracted high interest from the general user. This paper going to explainabout the challenges and advantages of cloud enterprise system as well as their potential to ease thedaily life of the user.Enterprise system planning mainly provides huge benefits to the complete enterprise. It helps theenterprise to share their data and information of enterprise across all the function of the network.Implementation and running of ERP systems over the cloud provide great benefits and advantagesin spite of different types of challenges. Here in this paper, we are going to discuss the challengesand benefits of executing ERP system across the cloud environment.Keywords :Cloud computing, ES, Cloud ES , ES challenges
IntroductionIn the time of recent technology advancement, Enterprise system is integrated with the cloud systemwhich have a centralized database and supports the main business process across the organization.Enterprise system collects, records, manages, the data and information across the cloud-basedsystem. A modern enterprise system is totally based on cloud technology. Cloud ERP is a method inenterprise resource planning which mainly uses cloud-based computing platforms where theyprovide business with flexible business processes. For some industry, the promise of cloudcomputing is that it will provide business in a completely new concept. Nowadays almost all the ESselection is done mainly on the basis of its functionalities, cost, user-friendly, and integrationabilities with the existing system.Enterprise systems mainly process to link with other IT management processes like strategicplanning process, program and project management process. The services of business play a biggerrole in service based information system because they fill the gap between service-orientedarchitecture and processes of the enterprise system.Enterprise Systems and Cloud ComputingAs we see that nowadays computing is a leading edge technology which increases the area of cloudcomputing to the edge of the networks. So many IoT devices are still not safe for cloud computingservice because of inappropriate mobility support, and due to lack of awareness about these things.Modern technology like cloud computing can be a useful tool for increasing accessibility,transparency, sharing of information, and decreasing the price of ownership. There is also a veryurgent requirement to give training and education so that every user have developed the capabilityto make use of ES services.Enterprise System is going to win in the long term when they fix transparent policies, make a largeinvestment in ICT infrastructure, adopt different open platforms, and secure involvement from boththe public and private bodies with users. Those who go for the road have to go from many obstacleslike the attitude of bureaucracy and legacy of history, inertial institutions and delay regulations, timeand money problems. Yet those go for the roads will be awarded when they remove obstacles in thetransformation of society. For them, the travel might become a dream come true experience.Literature Review