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Cloud Based Health Record Assignment

Added on - 16 Mar 2020

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Cloud Based Health Record Requirements for HeadSpace OrganizationCloud Computing is the current generation’s platform that has been widely implemented inHealthcare industry. In this report, the functional and non-functional requirements of anelectronic record termed as “My Health Record” designed for recording the health summary of12 to 25 aged patients are discussed. Moreover, the pros and cons of deploying cloud solutionin Headspace are illustrated and the recommendations of appropriate Software DevelopmentLife Cycle (SDLC) are also offered in this report.
Table of Contents.1. Introduction32. Functional and Non-Functional Requirements32.1. Functional Requirements32.1.1. “My Health Record” Design Considerations32.1.2. System Architecture42.1.3. Cloud-Based System Requirements42.1.3.1. Middleware42.1.3.2. Database Server42.1.3.3. Authorization Server52.2. Non Functional Requirements52.2.1. Reliability52.2.2. Performance52.2.3. Security52.2.4. Usability63. Strengths and Weakness of Cloud Based Solution64. Pros and Cons of Predictive and Adaptive SDLC85. Recommendations96. Conclusion107. Reference102
1. Introduction“My Health Record” is a record developed by the Headspace organization for maintaining theelectronic summary of mental illness of youths. This record can be shared across variousgeographical regions, healthcare providers, and doctors. The patient details ranging frommedicine prescriptions, impervious status of the patients, health checkup record, lab results, age,and height to weight are contained in this record. According to most of the healthcare executives,the proper utilization of patient’s data allows them to offer superior quality and cost effectivecare to the patients.The patients residing in pastoral areas must have to go for longer distances to the hospitals byholding their paper medical reports. The independent health record also does not containprevious references for the patient reports. But “My Health Record” provides enhancedprognosis, quicker healthcare by the doctors across the globe, and efficient treatment through thedeployment of cloud. But it also suffers from other aspects like security and reliability that arediscussed in the accompanying sections.2. Functional and Non-Functional RequirementsThe requirements are either functional or non-functional that are required for developing anyproject. Here described are the functional and non-functional requirements for developing theHeadspace project.2.1. Functional Requirements2.1.1. “My Health Record” Design ConsiderationsCloud-Based Electronic Health Report: An assortment of healthcare technology reservesare consorted to outsized clouds for sharing the patient records easily (Ahuja, Sindhu &Jesus, 2012).3
User Validation: “My Health Record” has given the owner rights to both the patients anddoctors. They can provide authentications based on their preferences by using passwords.2.1.2. System ArchitectureThe system framework for the cloud-based organization health report system is shown in thefigure below:2.1.3. Cloud-Based System RequirementsThe cloud-based organization comprises middleware, authorization server, and significantdatabase. MiddlewareA common environment that is offered for all the health record system is middleware. Themiddleware functions as an interface used for facilitating the interactions amid the healthcareproviders and central database server (Cristina, 2010). In addition to that, it is connected toseveral hospitals for the purpose of sharing the patient information in the cloud environment. Database Server43G/4G,Intranet, orWLAN3G/4G, WLAN,or IntranetDoctorsDruggistsCare GiverHospital X
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