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Running head: Bazaar Ceramics StudioProject Designing: Bazaar Ceramics StudioName of the student:Name of the university:
1BAZAAR CERAMICS STUDIO1. Executive summaryThis paper reflects the importance of developing cloud based Information System inBazaar Ceramic Corporate for mitigating the issues associated to traditional businessapproach followed by the company. ICT collaboration will change the businessstrategies and managerial aspects of the company by meeting the requirements of theconsumers.
2BAZAAR CERAMICS STUDIO2. IntroductionEach organizations are currently facing wide range of issues with theirmanagerial aspects those are frequently affecting their business environment. In orderto resolve the issues of different enterprise proper ICT collaboration with structural andcultural changes are needed to be adopted by different business organization. For thisparticular design ambiance, common dominators, traditional and hierarchical formalizedcharacteristics are needed to be adopted by the management companies. In order todevelop this particular report the name of the nominated company is Bazaar CeramicsStudio. A strategic direction, plan with accurate objectives and ICT plan changingincluding change management plan after considering the change procedures andconventions are elaborated in this report.In addition to this, it has also been assumed that, the existing organizationaldesign is very ineffective from the organizational perspectives and thus those issues aresoon needed to be mitigated by developing according changes. It has been determinedthat, the proposed change management approach must have all the additional features.The ICT system plan change, new performance benchmarks, stakeholder’s agreementand training requirements are also elaborated in this report. The eventually growingnumbers of competitors are the mostly highlighted issues for the ceramic company thus,a change management schedule, plan and resources are also illustrated in this report toreduce the work burden from the working members associated to the project.3. Strategic direction and strategic planAfter analyzing the internal and external environment of Bazaar Ceramics it hasbeen defined that, Strategic plans must be developed according to the strategicdirection. For analyzing the current status of the company a SWOT analysis has beenconducted. The company uses manual process while selling their products. The productordering system is done with phone, fax and emails therefore it was quite time takingfrom the business perspectives.
3BAZAAR CERAMICS STUDIOIf an organization does not have proper strategies and plan then it would be verymuch difficult to focus on the strategic goal of the business organization. With the helpof proper leadership strategies the function al and operational goals could be reachedby the management authority. Strategic plan is not an one year operational plan but itindicates the desired continuity plan for improving the current organizational program,services and programs accordingly. With the help of strategic plan the company wouldbe able to answer different questions:Currently what the company is doing and what the necessary changesthose should be adopted for future sustainable success?For future sustainability what are the necessary successes factors thosecompany currently not having but for needed to be adopted by thecompany for future success?The strategic direction and strategic plan that assists the company to lead thecompany to lead towards two different domains are as follows:1.It helps the company to define those particular domain or area that thecompany desires to reach in the upcoming future. With the key factors avery limited number of outcomes could be focused hat helps to bringleadership on the business organization. The higher managementauthority or the leadership team helps the company to make tough as wellas beneficial choice for proper decision making. Therefore, it can be saidthat, strategic plan is a set of guideline rather than project objective.2.For developing insurance of the company broad time is needed to bespend by the management to achieve the objectives.4. Critical issues and strategic objectivesIt has been determined that Bazaar Ceramic company has many weaknesses forwhich the company is facing many threats. However, based on the critical issues a setof strategic objectives are also developed by the company. The critical issuesassociated to it are as follows:
4BAZAAR CERAMICS STUDIO4.1 Critical issuesGallery cost:Due to the extremely high running cost of the gallery for the maintenanceof international marketing campaigning the rate of Return on Investment (ROI). Fromthe gallery sales the main sources of revenue keep on continue. Over the past fiveyears the price of the products enhanced and again the showroom of the company isincreased dramatically.Manual processing:The orders processed manually for the cost selling products. Mostof the times the staffs make mistakes while transcribing information from the server tothe forms. Again, there was a chance of data redundancy due to the usage of multipleforms.Product handling:The remote workers handle the products in a double manner. Dueto the presence of number of workers the project objectives are destructed.Issues with the company profit: The fix cost of the business gets increased due hugenumber of employees. The fix cost for the showroom has been enhanced dramatically.From the last three years the fixed cost of the showroom will increase. The Highlyadvertising cost and exchange rate reduced the product mark up. Due to negativeReturn on Investment (ROI) the printing cost also get enhanced eventually.Lack of IT support:The Ceramic Company failed to hire technical experts forimplementing their operational and functional activities. Due to this reason the companydoes not have nay technical advancement and support as well.Lack of space in the showroom:The size of the showroom is quite small thus theowners failed to display all the desired according to the requirement.Insufficient information regarding sales: The Company failed to store information ofthe unusable products those are served by the company. Again data about the popularproducts were also not available in the company storage.Non-advanced advertising approach:The advertising approach or marketcampaigning approach used by the company is very weak. Due to unique features ofeach of the products the advertising brochures of the company has become obsolete.
5BAZAAR CERAMICS STUDIOAgain for the presence of online website application the rates of competition among thecompanies are increasing rapidly. Due to this reason, the bargaining power of theconsumers and suppliers are also affected negatively.4.2 Strategic objectivesTo discover alternative gallery salesTo develop an auto generated process for the employeesTo develop direct shopping process for the clients from the remote workersTo diminish the fixed costTo employ technical staffs for the companyTo implement alternative gallery displayTo improve the existing feedback mechanism for the consumersTo develop different alternative advertising method5. Plan ICT system changes5.1 Change procedures and conventionThe ceramic company has traditional manual information transfer approachwhich is time consuming and costly as well. Again on the other hand, due to manualdata processing it was quite difficult for the company to access information easily fromthe hand written server. Therefore, it is very much necessary for the company toproduce proper change management plan for the company considering each relevantapproaches. The change management plan developed for the company is as follows:The development team should develop request for the desired changes afteranalyzing the cost benefit chart of the company.They must gain professional business change acceptanceThe development project must be initiated according the requirementThe change management gate must be passed properlyImplementation of changesResult must be generated upon the changes
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